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  • davidof said:

    davidof said:

    (contrary to the article I don't think the women's stage finished at the Super Planche des Belles Filles).


    did they do the gravel section?
    They most certainly did.
    It was torture but they all made it.
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  • davidof
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    Yes they did, before the final tarmac section which was determined too steep for road bikes on gravel. Same as for the men.
    ok I didn't see the gravel section, I dozed off
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    Pross said:

    The Tour of the Pyrenees is very budget looking after the Tour. Instead of a graphic of distance remaining they had elapsed time, the distance came up a few times but was clearly wrong (a couple of times it showed 106km to go and the race was only 77km!).

    The winner, Krista Doebel-Hickok, and rest of a 5 rider break were over a lap ahead of the peloton due to a ridiculously short 2.5km finish circuit. Zoe Backstedt, who was one of very few names I recognised in the race, led the peolton home.

    The ending the other day was shoddy with the breakaway lapping the peloton . Decent enough race
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    RichN95. said:

    Just for the record, if English coms are pronouncing Cecilie as "Sessily" then they're breaking my heart, they're raising my blood pressure daily. Say "Cecilie", I'm down on my knees, I'm begging you please...

    You might want to tell her. She says 'Sessily' when I've heard her say her name
    This should be definitive!
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    However it's pronounced, she got a stage and yellow jersey in the Scandi tour today