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Canyon Endurace CF



  • redscouseredscouse Posts: 157
    Yes that's the one.. Swapped it out for an alloy post same size creak disappeared..
    riding a canyon endurace
    spesh allez
  • mrtnmrtn Posts: 24
    I also had creaking with that seatpost. Thought it to be the saddle but no. Then disassembled the clamping part of the post and put some light grease on the part of the clamp that contacts with holes in the leafs, and was quite after that.
  • redscouseredscouse Posts: 157
    Cheers will try that
    riding a canyon endurace
    spesh allez
  • Hi all. I'm new to forum, a refugee from RCUK as it seems to have been taken down or something. Anyway, I've just got an Endurace CF 9.0 Di2 and so far so very good. So much lighter than the AL Cannondale I also have. Plus the Di2 although possibily not really needed, it is great!
  • island991 wrote:
    I'm pleased to report that although I had a 3 week delay, my Endurace is beautiful and a dream to ride. Stunning machine.


    Im having an issue with looseness/excessive flex/movement in the front end. Ie when you apply front brake, some weight on saddle, you can feel movement in headset area that just shouldn't be there.

    What is interesting about this is that bike mechanic says there is no mechanical problem in headset, bearings etc and more worrying a pro bike fitter I know says he has got hands on with 3 Enduraces now and all 3 have the same problem.

    I'm torn, because like you I'm loving the bike. Its awesome to ride, but something seems fundamentally wrong with the frame/fork/headset. Its enough movement to know it just should be there in a new bike.

    Is it something anyone has noticed? Rest your body on saddle, apply front brake and see how much movement there is forward/backward. Its a worry, and I just don't know what to do.

    Hi all !

    I saw this post and i had to register to this Forum and ask for help.

    Three months ago i received my new endurace cf frameset from canyon, i build the bike and noticed i cant get rid off the play in headset.

    I have now send bike back to canyon Finland two times because this problem, firts time they did chance headset to new, second time they did change new frame !
    This week they send me new headset because i was thinking that problem has to be in compression ring.

    Play is in top of the headtube where bearing is, i have measure bearing inside diameter(35mm) and steeretube (1-1/4”) with mauser.

    When i put compression ring inside the top bearing it goes so deep that the sleeve in the ring is resting against bearing so it doesent matter how much i put pressure with the clamp, play just doesent go anywhere.

    I couldn’t pm island991 probably because i just register to the Forum, i just wanted to ask did he get problem solved.

  • Hi all.. Ive posted in this thread a few times with endurace issues but overall been a great bike.. Bought august 14..recently went to change the chainrings and upon removal the aluminium insert holding the pressfit bb on nondrive side fell out. Still under the gurantee.. 6 years, i contacted canyon.. They have very kindly replaced the frame and bb.. Charging me labour for component swap to the new frame.. So well done canyon
    riding a canyon endurace
    spesh allez
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