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Giro 2017: Stage 9 Montenero Di Bisaccia - Blockhaus *spoilers*



  • ProssPross Posts: 25,038
    Pross wrote:
    Also a Carabinere motorcyclist isn't volunteering, they are following orders. If their commander tells them to do something, they do it. They are a civil guard like the Marechaussee, the Gendarmerie or the Guardia Civil they don't get to choose their assignments.

    Is that the case? From memory, on the Tour of Britain the police motorcyclists are volunteers who would not have been on duty elsewhere but that could be unique to the UK where no doubt there would be whinges about wasting police resources when the should be out 'catching criminals'.

    The police in ToB (etc) are on duty. Sweetspot have to pay for the policing as part of the H&S costs of the race.

    Yeah, I realise that. However, my understanding is they are additional i.e. they are taken from a pool of officers that would otherwise be off duty and so not taking away from the number of 'operational' officers and are basically carrying out voluntary over-time to carry out the role. I'm sure I heard that on TV coverage before but could be wrong.
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