Handbuilt wheels... the big thread



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    I think I'll stick with my favorite DT comp spokes. I'll replicate the 'aero gains' I might have got from some gucci spokes by not eating pies for a month and having a severe haircut :-)
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    Hi, I've also posted this in the MTB forum.

    I'm building a new wheel for my son's Whyte mtb - the original hub is shot.
    We are using a Hope Hub and am not sure of the best rim to use.
    He is using a 2.4" tyre.

    These are some we found :
    Stans No Tubes Arch MK3 - internal 26mm - weight 426g
    DT Swiss EX 471 - internal 25mm - weight 500g
    DT Swiss EX 511 - internal 30mm - weight 535g

    Lighter is better but what is the best width for his setup?

    I noted in a review of the DT Swiss EX 511 that it comes with Squorx Pro Head Aluminium Nipples 2.0mm and PHR washers.

    Are these worth using because it would mean my nipple driver would not work?
  • paulbnixpaulbnix Posts: 434
    Answering my own question we have decided on the DT Swiss EX 471.
    Looks like it comes with nipples and washers so I’ve just got to get the spoke length right 😀
  • Its these anecdotes that stop me using pillar as well. I dont have the facilities to test batches of spokes so I have to trust the the QC of the manufacturer. Theres only two brands I trust in that. Sapim.and dt swiss.
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