Planet X London Road



  • redvee
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    Now wearing R7000 groupset with some slight differences that Shimano don't tell you that do in fact work.
    R7000 levers/shifters only come as flat mount callipers so mine are connected to M7000 post mount callipers and once the pads started to bed in when I took it out on sunday the brakes started to bite as expected and 11sp road cassettes do fit on M780 MTB freehubs :D The original 5700 10 speed groupset has been on two bikes over the four years I've had it and the rear mech still has the plastic sheet on it from when it was fotted to the bike originally.

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  • Longshot
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    I recently bought a drop bar London Road in the Zesty colour scheme to use a a touring bike for my trip to Paris. It worked really well and I'm very pleased with it. The Apex 1x11 is different from what I'm used to but, again, does the job well.

    The only thing I upgraded was the brakes and went for the next model up - all in for £600 was great value.
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  • NeXXus
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    So far my ownership of a London Road has reached 4years and 2 months. Literally the longest I've ever owned a bike that gets used regularly.. My MTB is older but that's not the same comparison at all.
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  • Still using mine will be 7 years old in november,the only thing thats changed is different wheels and a new right side gear shifter.

    Use it 5 days a week every week for work,