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I havent really put my favourite bike up on here yet, so i thought i may aswell put it up.

I first got this bike when a friend of mine knocked on my door and told me he was selling a bike for £10. I said i would go and see it since he lives literally round the corner. I honestly didnt expect it to be a GT, cause most of the bikes he offers to sell me are all argos bikes and bikes of that sort, and they are in pieces, covered in rust etc etc. As was the Arrowhead.

As soon as i saw that triple triangle i knew that i was gonna have it! He told me the bike was dumped outside of his house on the pavement, so it obviously was stolen. There was a 6 speed wheel that was forced onto the frame. It had a Maxxis Advantage tyre on it which was completely bald. No one does that to their own bike... the Gears and brakes werent working, and whoever had it decided to spray the whole bike in black without removing a single thing, and he probably used a whole can in one go. The paint job was horrible and was chipped in some places where they tried to remove the "Arrowhead" logo from the top tube.

I have a real thing for GTs, since my second bike was a BMX size GT which had gears (GT Outbound, i would certainly recommend it for your kids haha) and my dad had a GT that looked the bollocks and i wished i had :D

So i decided that i would make start building up this from scratch, and start to learn how to build a bike and how everything comes together since this would be my first time doing it. I also decided that this would be a good opportunity for me to learn how to prepare a bike to be sprayed and spray it. So the pictures below are kind of how it changed over time. I dont have a picture of how it was when i got it though.

Sanded the black off and sanded around the bare metal parts

I used the primer to fill the dents massive scratches, then i sanded the area down to get it level. Quite proud of that :D

Back from the dead finally

Changed everything on it a month or so later

How it looks right now

Will change yet again in the next week or so. Changing wheels back to black i think. Thinner tyres and a new stem and handlebars. A new freewheel and chain too. Will post a pic when finished :D