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Sac Wax

Butterd2Butterd2 Posts: 937
edited January 2013 in Commuting chat
I'm off to cycle the Pyrenees next week and whilst talking to my wife on Sunday about the forthcoming discomfort I mentioned my nice new Assos shorts and Assos cream, Fizik saddle etc before wondering if a little less hair down below would make things cleaner/more hygienic etc.

Anyway I thought nothing more of this until I got home last night to find the kids in bed, dinner for 2 laid out with a bottle of wine and a tub of hot wax sat on the table :shock:

Having already had a couple of beers after work I saw no option but to MTFU so I necked the wine, lay back and thought of England. And f*ck me it hurt!

However apart from the hangover all was well this morning and the ride in did feel ever so smooth. I kind of hope it doesn't help though because I'm really not sure I could do that again!

Anyone else been this enlightened / stupid?
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