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Tour of Britain "it doesn't come past my house" thread



  • elbowlohelbowloh Posts: 7,078

    Pross said:

    If your house is in Nottinghamshire, the Tour might come past you next year

    Someone will probably try to argue that is effectively Scotland or Wales.
    No chance - because nobody knows where Nottinghamshire is.
    I think it's where Sherwood Forest is, but that be Yorkshire x
    Sherwood was much bigger back in the day...
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  • pblakeneypblakeney Posts: 16,818
    alan_a said:

    Nottinghamshire is an overnight horse ride from the south coast according to Kevin Costner.

    And Hadrian's Wall is on Kev's horse's route ...
    That is quite the detour! 😱
    I was presuming multiple horses but that route is stretching things too far.
    The above may be fact, or fiction, I may be serious, I may be jesting.
    I am not sure. You have no chance.
    Veronese68 wrote:
    PB is the most sensible person on here.
  • ddraverddraver Posts: 23,212
    alan_a said:

    ddraver said:

    Yer, I tried to download it but such things are no longer considered important.

    Unfortunately putting up phone masts in Cornwall is also not considered important

    Try downloading mix here from
    I have, in the past, wondering why Britain has in general avoided the oompa-Pop, salsa-pop, apres-ski pop genre that form the basis of many a nation's psyche. Today I learnt that it was never true. All this time it was just bagpipe-pop!!!
    We're in danger of confusing passion with incompetence
    - @ddraver
  • alan_aalan_a Posts: 1,417
    Bagpipe pop 😂😂😂😂😂

    There is a musical genre up here known as GBX which takes it's name from Radio Clyde dj George Bowie. He's the biggest nreakfast dj in Scotland (infact per capita the most popular in UK).

    Anyway, every weekend evening he does the Scottish Annie Mac / Pete Tong 7pm pre club show and his tunes are all Euro Techno with bagpipes and screeching female vocals. It's massive.
  • ddraverddraver Posts: 23,212
    2022 looks to be servicing the east coast
    We're in danger of confusing passion with incompetence
    - @ddraver
  • shirley_bassoshirley_basso Posts: 4,589
    Better make it up there this time for some GBX
  • ProssPross Posts: 29,622
    Someone will be along to complain that it is basically a Tour of Scotland, the Netherlands and Belgium
  • The women's one is mostly in the Midlands and South East
  • alan_aalan_a Posts: 1,417
    I was never a good enough rider to make it into The Comic. #nextbestthing

    Trevor Ward takes a great photo.

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