Bianchi to be bike suppliers to GreenEDGE from next year



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    mrb123 said:
    I’m zero percent interested in ‘gravel bikes’. A product designed for an application that really isn’t there. I have a hybrid / 29’er for semi rough stuff, why the hell anyone would think that drop bar, rigid forked bikes on anything worse than canal tow paths / CX stuff is a good idea is beyond me. It must be mostly down to a demand from soft, middle agers, that just can’t be doing with proper road bikes ( and that’s fine ) but does it need a whole new type of bike? Not on my watch.

    yeah - who'd have a bike with a weird seat height and a shedload of spacers under the stem, eh.....

    Someone with a knackered skeleton, who wants to keep the road riding up ,probably.

    Most of us are broken but we still buy bikes that fit us properly.

    The camera down the willy isn't anything like as bad as it sounds.