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Trek Emonda 2021



  • 121 posts on a trek? Really?
    It's not even got dropped seat stays... ;):*;)
  • And it doesn't come with the best groupset!

    It's Chorus ..... it is .... I have tested everything in lockdown. It's the one. It's the best, don't argue. Faster, more flexible .... just forget anything else. My Di2 is fantastic but way behind the new Chorus 12 speed.
  • brenr6brenr6 Posts: 14
    Hi just wondering if anyone has actually succeeded in buying and receiving this new emonda. I have an SLR6 on order since early June. Initially I was told I would have it on 23 august and now there is no confirmed delivery date
  • grobe02grobe02 Posts: 4
    I know this is an old post, but must add my two-bits. I currently have a 2021 Trek Emonda frame on special order from my LBS with an anticipated June 2021delivery (if I'm lucky). It was ordered for a custom-build project with the goal of a completed weight of 5 Kg--and the frame is for RIM BRAKES, so this option is still available by special order. I have a 2017 Venge--I know about the problems Disc brakes offer--like complete loss of braking power (never mind the squealing) when they become contaminated by surface road oil. I am a bike vendor's dream, someone willing to pay too much for the thrill (and sometimes fun) expensive bikes offer--but disc brakes are definitely off my must-have tech list.
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