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    Cliveyp wrote:
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    Cliveyp wrote:
    When are we likely to find out if our ballot was successful? I know the official website reckons by the end of Feb, but wasn't it around this time last year that people found out?



    Completely missed that thread! Thanks!

    Don't beat yourself up about it. You were looking in the right place :wink:
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    Ballot results arriving today
    I Got in after 3 failed attempts - Maybe its not totally skewed against white middle aged males!!
    Did it in 2013 for charity.
    Just got to decide whether to go balls out, or "escort" the Mrs, who got in on a medical deferral from last year???
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    Balls out ......... Both of you :wink:

    Plenty of time to train.
  • Love the sentiment!!
    Unfortunately im targeting a 25 mile hour TT, and however hard she trains, Im not convinced her balls will go that far out!!!
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