Dura Ace 9100 noisy and poor shifting



  • champson
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    I was trying to average around 50km/h on a 3km stretch, and have found I can average a higher speed on my winter bike compared to the summer one. It's also noticable downhill, even more so I guess. I realise 50km/h is achievable on a 50/12 but of course this is only an average, and on some slight downhill sections might hit 60km/h. Thanks for the link, that's a useful website.
  • champson
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    PhotoNic69 wrote:
    champson wrote:
    OK, 'need' then :) It's a compact chainset so 50/11 is currently my highest gear and I find I'm spinning out on the flat sometimes compared to my winter bike which has 50/12.

    .....ummmmm....won't this make you 'spin out' even more? Think about it... :lol:

    Oh yes, just noticed I had this the wrong way round. I have 50/12 and 'need' to go to a 50/11 :D
  • Zone1090
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    Watch Brian Moore on you tube. My b limit screw was way off. Also fine tuned h/l limit screws like he shows. Sounds good on stand will ride tomorrow.
  • philbar72
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    had something similar wrt skipping when changing up the block, also difficult to shift to the biggest sprocket. works out the B screw was Jammed in too far and after slackening that off very slightly it worked a lot better.

    never had that happen before...
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    Have the same thing and think it is just down to the design of the cassette. Watching how the chain links mesh over the top there are a couple of sections with more pronounced teeth and these seem to make a bit of noise when the chain rolls over.