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2016 (flat) Classics thread

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Let's kick this off.


Boonen's recovering from his fairly serious head injury.

He said the first 3-4 weeks were very tough - was waking up seriously knackered after his training every day.

Last couple weeks has gone a lot better than expected however, and he now can wake up fairly fresh and actually train.

In terms of what he can feel from the crash - not all that much. His ear does hurt from time to time, and he's lost about 30% of his hearing in his left ear, and has a constant ringing.

But given the last 10 days he feels it's going quite well, relatively speaking.

Aim is to be Dec/Jan at the training camps etc, and then he'll know where he's really at, but he seems quite bullish.

Still thinks he can race for the win, though he's a bit more concerned about his form than he'd normally be.

He was planning to train straight through after Abu Dhabi through the winter and start winning off the mark but now of course, he can't.


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