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Most farcical thing you've seen in pro racing?

No_Ta_DoctorNo_Ta_Doctor Posts: 11,316
edited July 2016 in Pro race
We have an exuberantly farcical sport, brimming over with ludicrousness, ridiculousness and didireallyjustseethatness.

Porte getting docked two minutes for accepting a wheel, Nibz thinking he could get away with a rocket-tow, the Vuelta TTT needing beach-cruisers are just three examples this year.

So what's the most farcical thing you've ever seen in pro racing?
“Road racing was over and the UCI had banned my riding positions on the track, so it was like ‘Jings, crivvens, help ma Boab, what do I do now? I know, I’ll go away and be depressed for 10 years’.”


The Vikings are coming!


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