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As the title says... This is my fairly new Voodoo Bokor

Frame size is 20" and pretty much everything is standard apart from a few new parts and a few more new parts to come including a FSA SL-240 Carbon seatpost and an FSA OS115 stem with carbon faceplate. I like carbon btw haha.

I bought the bike second hand from a guy who had previously bought it new from Halfords and rode it twice before selling it to me for a bargain price which I was uber happy with.


Feel free to criticise lol


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    Nice... Good colours going on.
    Nice an clean;)
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    Criticize? Let's see

    Nope. Sorry. Maybe the saddle bag and lights? I'm guessing your using it to commute. I like it. Very nice
  • DanDax1990
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    Yeah I use it to commute aswell, Only just got back into my biking so for now 1 bike is enough and the saddle bag is there just for my battery pack for my front light :)

    Really want to get more on the trails though but I live in Bradford and trails are hard to come by unless if I'm just not looking in the right areas lol.

    P.S The guy I bought it from sold me it for £350 (Meant to be £600 new) and he had only rode it twice (On roads) and included in the sale a brand new Giro Hex helemt which fits me perfectly, 2 spare inner tubes, 2 cans of GT85 and a Magnum Plus mini shackle and cable lock set. Bargain.

    Since then I got the lights from my brother for free, I bought the saddle bag and charge spoon saddle. I bought the FSA K-Force handle bars from the classifieds on here for a bargain too, the clark lock-on grips as the old white ones looked naff and the KCNC top cap, valve caps and seat clamp to tarten it up a bit and match the red decals. Got some 26 x 1.95 Schwalbe City Jets for comuting too.
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    Liking the colour.. I tried to steer away from the red :P

    How are you finding it so far? The Bokor is my first bike so to be honest, I have nothing to compare it too.
  • DanDax1990
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    Thereis more red on the way, Jockey wheels and bolts, rotor bolts, crank bolts, bottle cage bolts and inner gear cables and a few more tartys bits after that.

    It's also my first bike for a long time, Really enjoying it and to me its also a pleasure to look at. I'm just getting to that stage where I'm not so bothered about it getting a bit mucky lol.
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    How are you finding the Bokor? I'm looking at it as maybe my next bike
  • DanDax1990
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    It's a great bike for the price. It's handled everything I've thrown at it so far and can't see me pushing it beyond its limits for a long time.
  • DanDax1990
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    Few new tarty bits added.


    Red KCNC chainring bolts.

    New chainstay protector, Red front and rear KCNC gear cables and red KCNC jockey wheel bolt.

    20mm KCNC spacer, 5mm FSA carbon spacer and FSA OS-190 Carbon stem - 120mm and 6 degree rise.

    And some more red KCNC bottle cage bolts.

    And on the way is a 27.2 x 400 RaceFace Deus XC SL seatpost in Black/Gold.
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    Why did you change from the planet X seatpost? Looks good btw ;)
  • DanDax1990
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    The previous seatpost was just the standard non-branded post mate. I was going to go for a carbon FSA 350mm but would of been a little bit too short.
  • DanDax1990
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    Oh and thanks :)

    Possibly getting a Bionicon chain guide soon to help with chain tension.
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    Hi mate the voodoo looks good. Quick question about your mucky nuts fenders. I have never seen them on the rear before which model of fender are they? Think they look good. How good a job do they do at actually do at keeping you dry though? I currently have a big crud catcher as I use my bike everyday rain or shine for work and wouldn't want to change it for something that gives little or no protection

  • DanDax1990
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    I'm sure its the 2.0 mate but the 2.1 fits the same too and they do a great job for what I got them for, Front for keeping my face clear and rear for keeping my front mech clear.

    I didn't get the rear for keeping ud off my ar*e/back cause I just wipe it off lol and same for water, I'm gonna get wet with or without a big mudguard lol. The rear keeps a lot of dirt from getting to the front mech which is what I wanted.

    I put an extra crud catcher on the front if I know I'm gonna be riding in really bad conditions though but yeah, Not bothered about mud/water up my back.
  • DanDax1990
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    Couple of new bits, Got a Bionicon Chain Guide V.2 and some Superstar Ultra Mag pedals second hand from eBay for a bargain :P Oh and got the Raceface Seatpost fitted too.

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    looking good mate. not that it matters but you have put the c-guide on the wrong way round. the bolt should be at the back.
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    M'eh, I might just go back to zapping it with frikken lay-zur beeeems. And sharks.
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    I know sanchez but almost impossible to fit it while the wheel was on so it'll do for now lol, Thanks.
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    2yy9j5h.jpg Picture from a ride yesterday.

    2nja6tu.jpg A bracket I made for my light, Thought you'd like to see this lol
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    How are you getting on with the Bionicon Chain Guide V.2?
  • DanDax1990
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    It's been faultless so far, The chain tension is much better and I barely notice its there. Worth buying.
  • Hi...are you still riding the bokor? Looking at buying one,torn between the 26 & 29er...still to try either,limited options of trail runs at halfords...what kind of riding have you done and how do you find the handling? Many thanks J
    Still can't wheelie :(
  • DanDax1990
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    Sorry about late reply Jamie, Yeah I'm still riding this bike. Give both a try and see which feels best to you. I mainly use it for commuting and some light to medium trails, Fine for everything I've done. Handling is great.
  • DanDax1990
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    Quick picture after a ride yesterday.

    Some more bling, Red rotor bolts.

    Looking at a few upgrades. New wheelset and new brakes.
  • Hello, Dan

    I have a VooDoo Bokor 29er that I am slowly personalising. Where did you buy your KCNC bolts?


  • DanDax1990
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    Hello, Dan

    I have a VooDoo Bokor 29er that I am slowly personalising. Where did you buy your KCNC bolts?



    clee-cycles.co.uk Just search for KCNC mate there's loads of bits. There are cheaper alternative bolts you can get but I like the KCNC ones.

    Post some pictures up dude
  • Thank you, Dan. I shall have a look at their website. In the meantime, here is a picture of my Bokor 29er, taken at the weekend.

    Upgrades so far are Deore cranks and bottom bracket, Suntour Epicon forks (Radions are standard on the 29er), Shimano SPD/flats pedals, Truvativ AKA All Mountain 80mm stem, Truvativ T40 Stylo 25mm riser bar, Lizardskin Moab grips, Cane Creek Ergogrip II bar ends, Cane Creek Thudbuster ST seatpost, Charge Knife saddle and Maxxis Ikon tyres.

    Still to come, Kore Durox rims and an FSA Orbit MX headset...
  • And I forgot the Shimano SLX disc brakes with Ice-Tech rotors.
  • DanDax1990
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    Looks good mate, How're the brakes? I really want to upgrade mine. Wouldn't mind new wheels and fork too but I'll have to see what happens lol.

    If I end up buying new wheels, brakes and fork I wouldn't mind buying a nice titanium frame and putting top of the range parts on there and keeping this for bad weather and commuting.
  • The brakes are very good. I have had them on from when I bought the bike, so cannot compare with the ones that came with it, but the SLXs have great feel and suffer from no fade.

    I am 6'3" and weigh 110 kilos, so need brakes that inspire confidence. These definitely do.

    The other things that made a big difference are the Maxxis Ikon tyres. They are very fast, but have great grip. The 29er is a big bike and the front wheel tended to wash out on fast curves with the CSTs that came as standard. Whilst it can still happen with the Ikons, they are much better.

    All I need to do now is improve my riding skills...
  • was looking one of these in halfords earlier, looking for a replacement to my old dawes MTB, whats this ride and handle like?