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London to Brighton off road 2010

seanoevilseanoevil Posts: 142
edited October 2010 in MTB rides

I have signed up for the London to Brighton off road ride for September this year, anyone else in here signed up for it?

Just after some advice really? What is the essential kit that would be required for a ride like this.

Obviously the basics like tool kit, puncture kits etc, camelbak, energy foods...but anything else?

Any advice from anyone that has done it in the past?

First ride of this length for me in years - most I hae ever done is about 40 miles off road I think?

TIA! ... ps=1000673


  • agg25agg25 Posts: 619
    I've done the normal London to Brighton twice and would be keen to give this one a shot too.
    Never done anything this long offroad before but I think the challenge would be good, I'd like to go in something not knowing whether I can finish or not.

    Also want to tackle the passportes du soleil in the Alps in June.
    Never know, if goes well this year, could tackle the 5 day London to Paris offroad next year! :-)
  • afcbianafcbian Posts: 424
    Me and five mates did it last year and loved it so much we have all signed up again to do it this year. Except this year 10 of us are doing it.
    The day was all the better as the weather was fantastic last year.
    Route is well marked and a good mix of single track, woods, cycle paths etc.
    Entries are limited so you can actually ride rather than stand around.
    The water stops and food stops are few and far between so the idea is to be self sustaining enroute.
    It is a proper cycling challenge unlike the normal L2B. Can't wait to do it again this year.
    Thunderbarrow hill at the end of the ride is epic !! It's a chalk/farm track that goes straight up the south downs (unlike Ditchling Beacon which winds it's way up the side) But the ride down the single track other side into the finish at Hove was brilliant. About 20 of us, line astern, at 20 plus mph going hell for leather after 70 odd miles followed by a couple of pints of cider on the seafront in the sunshine, MAGIC :D
    I ride therefore I am
  • @agg25, yea I ws looking at the normal London to Brighton race for this year, but it justs seems to be so massively subscribed, then I noticed the off road one and dived right in - not knowing myself what I am going to let myself into!!!

    @afcbian, wow sounds like you had a grweat time last year, prays for decent weather for this years trek! I am already dreading that hill at the end, must get some training in!What would you reccomend as essentials to take on the trek?
  • afcbianafcbian Posts: 424
    Plenty of food, plenty of water bottles and camel back.
    Put energy type drink in the bottles and water in the backpack.
    Usual foods for long trek, banana, fig rolls, trail bars, some bread rolls etc etc
    Make sure you get plenty of good sleep the night before and a good pasta meal the night before with a good hearty breakfast.
    Prior to last years ride I had regularly been riding upto 35 miles offroad and it was enough.
    Usual stuff, inner tubes, puncture kit, multitool etc

    Some of the route has some great downhill and single track sections. A good proportion of it is the South downs way which takes up approx 20 plus miles in the middle of the ride. This section is a bit boring but it does enable to crank up the pace and the miles just fly by.
    We did it in about 6.5 hours last year which included a 3/4 hour stop at Southwater.
    Thunderbarrow Hill beat me last year (I was truly knackered) but not this year :evil:

    I did the normal L2B last year too (my 4th time) and won't be doing it again as you can't actually get on and ride. You spend half the day waiting around.
    Having said this, a friend and I fancy doing the normal L2B on Choppers and stopping at every pub on the way for a swift half :D
    I ride therefore I am
  • Cheers for that afcbian, feel better for knowing what is needed...

    Am doing regular 15/20 miles atm, so will gradually build my distance I guess over the coming months! (and find some bigger hills to ride too!).

    Liking your idea for this years L2B!
  • afcbianafcbian Posts: 424
    As usual, the most important thing is to train well and make sure you enjoy the day.
    When you get your pack through let me know your number and we'll look out for you
    I ride therefore I am
  • afcbian wrote:
    As usual, the most important thing is to train well and make sure you enjoy the day.
    When you get your pack through let me know your number and we'll look out for you

    Cheers fella, will do!
  • trazem28trazem28 Posts: 4
    Hi All,

    This is my first time posting on here.

    I'm taking part in this years london to brighton bike ride, it will be my second time doing it.

    I must say i'm more of a mountain biker than a cyclist even though i live in north london. I just came across this post which refered to an off road version of the london to brighton ride which i'd very much prefer to do as i find the main event boring.

    Anyone know if i can switch from the normal one to the off road one?
  • seanoevilseanoevil Posts: 142
    Do both lol :)

    I wouldn't know, but there is a help section, with contact details about contacting the BHF on the site somewhere - fire of an email to them, see what they can do about it for you?
  • trazem28trazem28 Posts: 4
    :D Wish i could mate but seeing as i'm in ascot that weekend i think that might be a bit too much.

    Yeah i will do, problem is i organised it with people from work, i don't think they will be impressed if i decide to ditch them for the more exciting one.
  • trazem28trazem28 Posts: 4
    Ignore my last post, didnt realise both rides are held on different dates, looks like i'll be doing both. :D
  • Hey there. I will be doing the London To Brighton off rd thing as well as the on road one as well as the 100mile in a day south downs way thing too so a fair bit of cycling to come for me this summer ! If anyone is up for doing some long training type off rd/on rd type rides, let me know. Am based in Epsom.

    Take care y'all
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  • seanoevilseanoevil Posts: 142
    Hey there. I will be doing the London To Brighton off rd thing as well as the on road one as well as the 100mile in a day south downs way thing too so a fair bit of cycling to come for me this summer ! If anyone is up for doing some long training type off rd/on rd type rides, let me know. Am based in Epsom.

    Take care y'all

    Wow, thats some schedule for you lol.

    I'm based in Kingston, would defo be up for some of road rides soon...
  • Hello

    i am entered into this ride also, really looking forward to it. I have read this thread with interest and now am looking forward to the pints by the beach, but dreading thunderbarrow hill....!! Some good advice here though.

    I guess i'll see some of you on the day...I am amning to ramp the miles up a bit in training as i am a relative new comer only returning to MTB about a year ago after a break of 15 years.........

    i also entered for the challenge and a good motivational reason to get out on the bike...
  • hey guys :) im also doing L2B so ill see yall there.
    what sort of mileage would anyone here recomend being able to do before i roll up in september. i saw 35 mentioned above, is that about what everyone will be training with? :) cheers guys
  • Hey i entered my local evans ride it at 30 miles to gauge my fitness at about the 1/5 distance, my plan is to regularly train 30 - 40 miles once a week (with shorter 'lung' burners, in the week)

    with a cvouple of longer 60 milish rides nearer the time, saving the full diostance for the day though.......Looking forward to it and a summer's worth of excuses to go riding!!
  • For those wishing to do the London to Brighton bike ride but without all the crowds you can sign up to do the DELTA Reigate to Brighton bike ride on 9th May.

    The route is signposted and we usually have around 100 - 200 riders so no queues! As it's not the official London to Brighton ride you are allowed to take your bike's back to London/ wherever on the train (still involves me cycling from Victoria back to North London though!).

    It costs £15 to enter and there are three checkpoints along the way where basic provisions will be available and we finish up at Ovingdean School (along Marine Parade on the seafront) whereupon showers and a hot meal (sausages, chips and beans usually) awaits!

    We do ask that you try and raise some sponsorship money as well for the charity.

    Entry details can be found here: ... etails.pdf

    I'm off to signup for the Off road London to Brighton :)
  • NeiiilNeiiil Posts: 3
    Ive just signed up...should be fun. Ive done it on my own before but was more of a leisurely ride with a pit stop in a pub in Cranleigh for a steak & chips and a pint in the sun. I ride 15 offroad miles 2 or 3 times a week so ill just stick with that.
  • bdigitalbdigital Posts: 193
    wow - i love the sound of this.

    Ive only just started Mountain Bike Riding though. I guess its not really something for beginners?

    I will start to measure how far i ride when i go out next - See how far of the pace i am!
  • POHBPOHB Posts: 40
    I did it a couple of years ago and it was great fun. They'd made a last-minute route change near the start so a bunch of us got a bit sidetracked for a while, but mostly it was adequately marked and manned. Only a couple of places for water so take plenty. Quite a variety of surfaces including a bit of soft sandy stuff that was hard work and a long boring flat bit on the South Downs way, but also some fun going up and down. Near the end I was defeated by a short but very steep rocky ascent called The Borstal, but apart from that just keep pushing the pedals around and you'll get there. The seafront finish was folks clapping and handing out medals was a bonus too. 2898365866_e021f650e0.jpg
  • Dazza78Dazza78 Posts: 32
    Could be interested in taking part in this event as well. I'm relatively new to moutain bikingh as well, but I've managed a couple of 15mile (or thereabouts) off-road rides over the past couple of weekend and done ok. One ride was with my girlfriend so that was easy going :lol: The ride on thr Saturday just gone was done with a mate who's into his biking so that was a bit more intense and one of the climbs done me in good and proper!

    Im intrigued by this Thunderbarrow Hill and The Borstal climb though....anyone care to shed any light on how bad they are?! :wink:
  • paully617paully617 Posts: 139
    its called beeding hil. Its a bit of a fukkka after 63 miles on pedal spinning!!

    I have last years map on pc if anyone wants a copy.
    Trek Remedy 9.8 2013
  • Seen plenty of new, unexperienced riders etc complete the event - some on hybrids with shopping baskets on the front! You just need to keep a steady pace you are happy with.

    Excellent day and great challenge.
  • just got back from doing (BHF) London 2 Paris off road :shock:

    Frickin' awesome 3 days of riding :D
  • xioxio Posts: 212
    would this be wildly optimistic for a first time event? Have done many 100mile+ road events, including several alpine/pyrenees climbs at that distance, but am pretty much new to the mtb world. How technical are these events?

  • ShmikukShmikuk Posts: 117
    Sounds like you are way more qualified than me or some of my mates that have signed up for it. :)
    It's not a race and it seems a majority of it isn't too technical or hilly. Having ridden parts of it as trial runs, some parts are a bit challenging but all rideable with my limited skills/fitness.
  • paully617paully617 Posts: 139
    hi all, Well we now have 10 riders in our group doing this ride.
    Some are putting the mileage in for training whilst others are "away with work" until nearer the date.

    Me personally, i write this as i wait for the postie to deliver (hopefully) my new bottom bracket bearings so i can finally start to do some training.

    We have booked into the brighton seafront travel lodge for the sat night so will do our best to get on the lash (legs depending) that night.

    Having ridden it last year, i keep getting flashbacks of the more crappy bits, like the long, flat boring south downs link. it just seems to go on and on and on and on!!!!
    My favourite bit by far was the singletrack descents to both checkpoint 2 and also the seafront area.
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  • paully617paully617 Posts: 139
    well, the postie has just been and once again failed to deliver anything but junk mail!!!!

    everything i have ordered lately from wiggle, chainreaction etc has failed to show up for at least a week!!

    Anyone else have delivery issues with them??

    TOP TIP. if you need to buy or order ANYTHING (inc non bike stuff) via the tinternet, firstly go to and register on there. Type in the name of the retailer you want to buy from and if you use their link, you get cashback on your purchases. i bought a new slx rear mech for £34.99 from Wiggle and got 1.60 back!!!!

    every penny counts!!!
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  • seanoevilseanoevil Posts: 142
    Well, my riders pack arrived this morning - time to do some serious riding I guess! Anyone else got theirs yet?
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