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Edinburgh to St Andrew's route



  • NoodleyNoodley Posts: 1,725
    edited June 2009
    themightyw wrote:
    So would you consider it an easier course than the Edi-St A all told?

    I have only ridden the Edin-St Andrews route once a few years ago and I was in a bit of a hurry - I told my wife I would be finished quicker than she could go shopping for 'one or two' things in Edinburgh and then drive to St Andrews; I passed her at the start and met her at the finish after I had had time to buy and ice cream and eat it :lol: - so I found it a bit of a challenge. But my recollection is that there was a long climb at Cleish and a few rolling bits, and one really wall-like climb which took me by surprise and which just about had me walking, but not quite.

    I ride many of the roads on the Lethnot-Lunan route on a regular basis so I may under or over estimate them from experience over time, and this can vary on a weekly basis if I've had a particularly good or bad day. What I can say is that the first climb mentioned by Alex is a good climb which will get your heart rate going. And there are a few others which will be noticed. Overall, I would say the route is challenging but not overly so - it is a ride in stunning countryside, has climbing, rolling roads, and some fantastic descending (the scenery and descent at Lunan are worth double the entry fee!) The climb out of Ferryden is short but a good one as well. Your legs will feel it, but it's likely that you'll get into a group and have time to speak to other people and enjoy the day, and get the miles covered a lot faster than you realise. The last 100km ride I did was one organised by Alex (Potter for Tea) and there were new audaxers as well as very experienced audaxers who formed a group from the start and rode together most of the route. We helped each other and held back if someone was struggling a bit, but picked up the pace when everyone was feeling good.

    If you like running and cycling there is always the Sprint Duathlon on 15th July at Monikie Country Park to consider;

    I might be there as well 8)
  • NoodleyNoodley Posts: 1,725
    screebs wrote:
    Noodley - we are certainly not into racing:

    All the better to get yerself along then! 8)

    Somebody will make sure you are not 'lost' 8) Mind you, if it's me you may not necessarily take the correct route as my map reading skills are not that good :lol:
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    Crapaud wrote:
    [Boris Karloff} I've created a monster![/Boris Carloff]

    It might be worth creating a new thread. This thread's title is now very misleading.
    Agreed, and done. It's here

    And ooohh yes, a monster is right :twisted: :lol: :P
    2010 Specialized Competition Secateurs, hell yeh ;)
  • themightywthemightyw Posts: 409
    tyaxnoob wrote:
    Oh, and a Trek 1.2 has come up on Gumtree near me for reasonable-ish money. Not sure if I'm gonna be able to resist the lure... :evil:

    I think I've spotted the one you are eying up (in Gullane?) and it looks a good deal.
  • tyaxtyax Posts: 106
    Yup, that's the one :) It's been up for a few weeks now but I wasn't too interested before, I figured I'd just save up for some kind of flashy machine at the end of the year. I figure with this tho it'd give me a chance to see if I get on with a road bike before commiting to spending a fortune, and if I don't get on with it I should be able to sell it for not much less than I pay :)

    Will do some thinking about it and maybe arrange to go looky on Sunday if he's still got it...
    2010 Specialized Competition Secateurs, hell yeh ;)
  • screebsscreebs Posts: 178
    Ros at Lepra has confirmed date for next year is 19 June 2010.

    The day before the trossachs ton - think i have to choose one or the other now! :cry:
    Me struggling up Mont Ventoux for the first time! Done it 3 times since (each way up) without stopping. This seems like a lifetime ago! ... 45552.tif/
  • LorneCLorneC Posts: 149
    ....Or start training to do both ;-)
    Already signed up for the following 2010 rides:

    Etape Caledonia (May 16th)
    AMR's Trossachs Ton (June 20th)
    AMR's Cross-Border Sportive (Sept 19th)
  • screebsscreebs Posts: 178
    LorneC wrote:
    ....Or start training to do both ;-)

    That just might be a step too far for my puny legs and expanding waistline! :lol:
    Me struggling up Mont Ventoux for the first time! Done it 3 times since (each way up) without stopping. This seems like a lifetime ago! ... 45552.tif/
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