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weak knees after a ride

lesz42lesz42 Posts: 690
edited September 2015 in Training, fitness and health
when i do a longish ride, i have issues, when i get back walking down stairs, feeling weak and needs to support and slow my descent on the stairs...

any ideas? and what to do!

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  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,200
    Either accept it as inevitable, or go on shorter rides until your fitness improves..
  • slowmartslowmart Posts: 4,055
    Whats a longish ride?

    Is there anything new to your rides?

    When you ride are your turning big gears rather than using a higher cadence?
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  • lesz42lesz42 Posts: 690
    30 to 60 miles plus, also it goes after a few hours
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  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,200
    It's normal for your muscles to be tired/fatigued after a long ride. So either deal with it until your legs recover, or aim for shorter rides with less likelihood of fatigue.
  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,351
    are you eating enough?

    it's not simply about distance, it's how hard are you pushing, you can use a lot of energy,if you don't replace it then you may feel very tired/weak afterwards
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  • rafletcherrafletcher Posts: 1,235
    How often do you do. Such rides? How fast do you go? Basically it's a lack of strength and fitness. Squats help enormously with knee strength.
  • lesz42lesz42 Posts: 690
    do 30/40/50/60+ mile rides every 2 /4 weeks ( 13 to 15 mph), road and shorter mtb. its not a energy thing, feels like its more an imbalance of muscles ... if that makes sense,
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  • frisbeefrisbee Posts: 691
    When you do squats for the first time in a while you have to go down the stairs one at a time holding onto the rail. Even when you're used to them it feels like you are collapsing down the stairs for a few hours afterwards.

    I think stair descending is just a very coordinated action that relies on all your muscles responding in a predictable way.
  • lesz42lesz42 Posts: 690
    thanks to all for the replys:)
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  • I used to live on the top of a hill with a highly geared road bike. I had that after every ride and just put it down to leg strength being exceeded so they got tired. It goes so not a problem long term I reckon. I actually used it as a marker to show when I had done a good, hard ride.

    Later on I strengthened my leg muscles at the gym and never got them again. I was using the leg press at 525lb setting so pretty much nothing could cause that weakness going down the stairs. Now I am nowhere near that leg strength so I occasionally get it after pushing it in a high gear.

    Perhaps do lunges whilst holding weights. I find those harder than squats and they tend to work the legs in different ways. I think they probably help with balance in the muscles too. Kind of like recruiting other leg muscles together in a more natural way I think. Anyway last time I was in a gym and used the services of the trainer she gave me these lunges to do. Also some one legged exercises that I have forgotten now. All with weights to increase the effect. That did result in feeling weak going down the stairs more than the 525lb leg press believe it or not.
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