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Where's the best place in Europe for cycling?

BhimaBhima Posts: 2,145
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Where should I go and live to have access to the best cycling roads/hills/scenery/weather/etc?

Thinking of leaving the UK for a couple of years and hanging out in Europe, to do a bit of cycling. Got mates in each of those countries so it shouldn't be too hard to move and set up somewhere else.

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  • a_n_ta_n_t Posts: 2,011
    banana republic?
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  • nicensleazynicensleazy Posts: 2,310
    Having lived in Italy for quite a few years, this country would certainly get my vote. The roads, the people, the food and regional delights!
  • Special KSpecial K Posts: 449
    All great countries to cycle in.

    However, for a few good months, say February through to October, I would go to Greece.

    Explore the mainland, the spine of the Balkans, maybe cross over into Albania or FYROM for a little bit of danger. There is certainly plenty of scenery and like a lot of France the roads are pretty empty and the drivers surprisingly considerate to cyclists. Plus you have the novelty factor of being the bloke on the bike.

    It's a route less travelled, a little different and will be an experience.
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  • I've really enjoyed my trips to Spain, but would have to say it doesn't seem great if you intend using the bike-train combination much: services are patchy, and according to the timetables/railway info most don't take bikes (even if bagged--there's a general 75cm :shock: size limit on luggage).

    All the Spanish cyclists I met on the road had either ridden out from home or driven to the start of their ride.
  • If you dont mind the lack of hills, Id have to say Holland, I lived there for a while and loved cycling there, I love hills aswell and came back to Scotland :)
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  • Somewhere that doesn't have internet access.
  • Chip \'oylerChip \'oyler Posts: 2,323
    You forgot to add Belgium in your list
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