What’s the lowest temperatures you’ll ride in?



  • The Rookie
    The Rookie Posts: 27,812
    A few commutes at -6 this year, I do need knee warmers in addition to my normal shorts below -3 I find. Lucky to have a fully gritted (salted) route.
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  • photonic69
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    Wife was going to commute in today as it was a lot warmer (-0.5 vs -4.5) and a lot less frost. Garden paving was slippy so at last minute persuaded her that the bus was a better option. Had reports 30 mins later that on a section of the cycle route that there was black ice and a number of riders had fallen.
    I took the car....

    Sometimes. Maybe. Possibly.

  • Danyradar
    Danyradar Posts: 11

    I’ve ridden my bike in a +3°C sunny weather in Seoul, provided there’s no snow or frost on the road or bike lanes. I may not be able to go colder than that because the layers of clothing will make it hard to pedal.