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Refugees Channel crossing



  • haydenmhaydenm Posts: 2,991
    I'm sure there are issues with sharing immigrants out around the EU but that's absolutely not a reason to take a hard line and let them drown. In fact, part of the reason they are being left to drown is that the countries who receive the most have stopped taking them because they feel that no one else is pulling their weight. We take next to bugg*r all in the grand scheme of things, a bit of compassion wouldn't hurt. That kid's family were intelligent, middle class people, they weren't economic migrants.
  • john80john80 Posts: 2,965
    john80 wrote:
    john80 wrote:
    The dog when faced with a group of armed child soldiers and their illustrious leader entering the village and taking the women to be raped and the boys and men in a line to have their hands chopped off wouldn't run. He would meekly stand in line and accept his fate like a true warrior. All whilst claiming to be above average in intelligence.

    I imagine a moron would do that, or a coward would run away. You seem settled to the preferred option of having your women raped.

    Much as I like the blustering of the internet hard man I think you might be the one meekly accepting his fate. I doubt very much you will be running at the AK47's with your kitchen knife like a true warrior. Deep down we all know how brave you are from your computer. You are probably not even hard enough to take on the local youths having a swally in the local park. Good luck troll man in your next awesome display of alpha manliness.

    You think what you like censored boy

    I am literally bricking it. Just the quality of insults is enough to strike the fear of god into me.
  • haydenmhaydenm Posts: 2,991
    There is no hope for this thread anymore, or for some of the contributors.
  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 25,604 Lives Here
    HaydenM wrote:
    I'd probably flee with my wife and kids to try and keep them safe I'd imagine. While I'd probably have to contend with vindictive, little England racists at some point I think I know what I'd pick at the time.
    You'd be fine then, the vast majority are wimps that hide behind keyboards.
  • Well I'm a 6 foot 5 inch guy with martial arts training, it's true, but I'd run just as fast as I can from soldiers with an ak74 meaning harm to anyone they meet. My ex army trainer in unarmed combat and other things who I know through the martial arts school he taught me at once said the art of self b defence is about not being there. It's a habit I keep up even now. First sign of trouble I'm off and taking people I came with too.

    Btw ak47 refers to the first version of three ak rifle. Currently you're no longer seeing the ak47 but more likely the ak74 or one of many variations. Three ak47 isn't made these days and over been told unlikely to be in service anywhere except gun collections or museums. Just to clarify a popular misconception. The number loosely refers to date of first release.
  • ProssPross Posts: 33,490
    Thought most of the weapons were still the larger calibre AK-47 or AKM and that copies are still in production outside of Russia?
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