RIP Michele Scarponi

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Killed training after the Tour of the Alps.

Just so awful.
Fckin' Quintana … that creep can roll, man.


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    Truly awful news.
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    Sickening news :(
    It's only a bit of sport, Mun. Relax and enjoy the racing.
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    Terrible. He’d just been named Astana leader for the Giro too. Astana is having a rough year, though this is obviously incomparable to bad racing results.

    Supposedly hit by a truck, a vehicle that accounts for more than its fair share of cyclist kills.
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    Really sad news
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    Crazy. Puts everything into perspective.
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    That's awful, what a shock after just watching him race. RIP.
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    I feel a bit sick.

    That is dreadful.
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    Jesus christ.
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    That's awful :(
  • Wife and two kids. What a terrible shame.
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    Terrible news :(
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    Always enjoyed watching him slogging up giro climbs with his shades stuck on the front of his helmet.
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    Horrible news.
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    Hopefully, someone will merge the multiple threads.

    For me what makes this tragedy even more shocking is the immediacy, given that little more than fifteen hours ago, he was upbeat at interview, chatting about attacking on Monte Bondone, because he was feeling good.
    Then true to his word, he did and ended the race, rolling over the line, just behind Geraint.

    It's left me with a very similar feeling upon waking up on that fateful, Valentine's day, back in 2004.
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    Shocking news :( The wonderful Mortirolo stage of the 2010 Giro was regular viewing on the turbo over the years.
  • Really terrible news. Thinking of his family, they must be devastated.

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    Thoughts with his family. Horrendous.
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    Terrible and tragic news.

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    This morning was the first chance my wife and I have had to leave the kids behind and get out on bikes together (I've convinced her to get a bike at last), and it was beautiful. The woods were full of birdsong, and apart from a couple of dog-walkers and a horse-rider we had the forest to ourselves. At one point we came out into bright sunlight and a view right across the woods, and the moment was in no way ruined by my wife immediately dropping the f-bomb with surprise and pleasure.

    Coming back to this reminds me to never take those moments for granted. So, so sorry for his family, and hope the tributes from so many of his peers at least provide a little comfort.
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    Jesus. Awful news.
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    This was at the forefront of my thoughts throughout most of my ride this morning. Hard to believe, but again shows how vulnerable we all are. So sad.
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    So sad and very shocking.
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    Very sad.
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    Shocking news to start the day off win. Comes off the back of a good result in the tour of the alps. Thoughts are with his family
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    bobmcstuff wrote:
    Very sad.

    I'm just quoting the first bit, because I thought maybe you might want to reconsider the rest.
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    What terrible news. His last tweet is heartbreaking. My thoughts are with his family, friends and team.
  • bobmcstuff
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    bobmcstuff wrote:
    Very sad.

    I'm just quoting the first bit, because I thought maybe you might want to reconsider the rest.
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