Ach behind knee

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I've had my road bike 6 months or so and was fully setup on a Retül system, in January I knackered the ligaments in my left ankle so had a month off the bike. Since coming back every time I ride the road bike for the next couple of days I cannot straighten my left leg as behind/inside my knee is killing. Its muscle/tendon (or what ever is in there) related, so what's changed? (it's not my actual knee, more the bottom of my hamstring, top of my calf directly behind my knee)
I can ride my MTB for hours and no issues.
I went out on Sunday and did 65 miles, riding feels fine, but once I stop it starts to hurt then the next day it's like its seized up.


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    Sounds like a fit issue - so why not go back to your Retul fitter with the problem and ask for a review?
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    I had something similar last year, brought about by changing the saddle (but supposedly set at the same height and reach). One day, no problem - next day, tendonitis. It took a good few weeks to heal, including a sports massage, stretching and foam rollering (plus staying off the bike). I then lowered the saddle a touch and boom, all good.
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    figbat wrote:
    I then lowered the saddle a touch and boom, all good.
    I think i'll drop the seat a touch so my leg doesn't extend as far