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Feel like crying after today's commute home (serious)

pastryboypastryboy Posts: 1,385
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Heavy rain and it was really cold. My thick gloves got soaked through and my hands got really, really cold, painfully cold. I could barely feel them at all

I had to stop for a wee along the canal so had to take my gloves off (and decided to pocket them as they were just saturated and not helping. Then I tried to restore some circulation to my hands by shaking them as I still had the best part of another half an hour to go. I looked down and my wedding ring was gone :cry:

I hunted around for it in grass/puddle/mud but couldn't find anything. You can imagine the panic, standing there freezing in the rain. In the end I had to give up.

The rest of the ride was horrible, I could hardly use my brakes as my hands hurt so much. I had to turn my rear light on with my teeth as my hands didn't work. When I got home I couldn't open the gate so had to ring the front bell. I was slumped on the floor for about ten minutes, shaking uncontrollably, my hands hurting like nothing on earth. My wife was pulling my clothes off me as I literally couldn't do anything such was the pain in my hands. All my clothes were soaked but I had barely noticed because my hands hurt so much.

I'm now sitting at home warmed up but absolutely gutted about my ring. I've worn it pretty much constantly for a decade As soon as it's cleared up I'll be heading back to the spot where I must have lost it because I have to try but there's that feeling in my stomach that it will be fruitless. It probably is covered by insurance but that's inconsequential really.


  • mrfpbmrfpb Posts: 4,569
    I assume you checked inside the glove for the ring? If not, I hope you manage to find it.
  • Jeez. Hope you find it.
  • I second that location...
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  • Hopefully ring is inside glove, but for freezing hands, do windmills with straight arms to get circulation going.
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  • smokey_baconsmokey_bacon Posts: 1,639
    Sorry to hear that fella. Hope you find the ring. I was in exactly the same state with my hands and feet. My thumbs still hurt 2 hours after getting home!
  • keyser__sozekeyser__soze Posts: 2,067
    You may still find it tomorrow! I lost my wedding ring while changing a puncture once, pulled off as I took my glove off and fell on the grassy floor. Gloves on after fixing, cycled off, felt a bit odd, got to work, gloves off again, oh no, lost my ring. Backtracked the six miles to where I punctured, worried I wouldn't have a chance in hell of finding it in the thick grass, yet after about 15 minutes I found it.
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  • navtnavt Posts: 374
    So you stopped to take a pee, shake your hands vigorously for half hour AND removed your wedding ring.

    Good luck explaining that one to the missus. :D
  • pastryboypastryboy Posts: 1,385
    I checked the glove at the time and a few times when I got home just in case. The worrying thing is I shook my hands quite vigorously so it opens up the possibility it travelled a bit.

    Going to have a look tomorrow morning and evening on the commute but it'll be dark so I fully expect to be having another hunt on Saturday morning when it gets light.

    Horrible conditions today but I'd have been just fine it the cold hadn't got to my hands. Next time I'll wrap them in plastic bags and ride the fixed gear so I don't need to worry about brake levers.
  • pastryboy wrote:

    Horrible conditions today but I'd have been just fine it the cold hadn't got to my hands. Next time I'll wrap them in plastic bags and ride the fixed gear so I don't need to worry about brake levers.

    fail to prepare... get a pair of these ... nter-glove
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  • rjsterryrjsterry Posts: 26,728
    I've had my a similar situation where my wedding ring just slid off while riding. Luckily I did find it (still not sure how). Since then I'm super paranoid about losing it and tend to hook it on a snaplink and then in a zipped pocket if there's any chance of a repeat. Hope you find it (do you have a dog by the way?)
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  • That's just censored , I hope you find it.
  • When i first had the ring, it dropped or rather started to slide down my finger, when I had cold hands. ended up having it made smaller. since I do go out in the cold.

    I agree it's less the money but the object it's self.
  • The ring issue is a real downer for you alright. I hope you're lucky in your search.

    The cold issue is down to wrong kit or inadequate kit. BTW losing the wet gloves was possibly the worst thing. Even wet gloves stop windchill. Also if wet gloves have enough insulation They can still give enough benefit.

    I used to kayak in winter using thin nylon pogies that attach to your paddle and you slip your hands in. Every stroke you got cold water sloshing into them. They were still warmer than not using them because they cut out the wind. I later replaced them with neoprene version which was even warmer.

    One trip i lost one pogie so i did the trip without, like you without your gloves on your way home. At the end my hands were claws, frozen rigid on the paddles such that i could not let go of the paddle. I since that time i got neoprene gloves. My hands get wet but at least the windchill doesn't add to my worries.
  • itboffinitboffin Posts: 20,050
    Neoprene is where it's at and when we go out out on club rides I carry a spare pair of gloves and always have several pairs of latex workshop gloves

    I suffer very badly in the cold even in summer (UK) its also partly why I do well in extreme heat
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  • Hope you find the wedding ring...

    Don't want to imagine the feeling you had in your stomach...
  • fat daddyfat daddy Posts: 2,605
    good luck finding it .... it might take hours, but its there somewhere
  • MrSwearyMrSweary Posts: 1,699
    Must be a horrible feeling - Exactly the reason I take mine off and put it in the rucksack before each ride. Glad though that you got home safely.
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  • Really feel for you.

    Do you have any metal detecting clubs or companies near you? Quick Google turned this up...

    Must be others out there...

  • pastryboypastryboy Posts: 1,385
    I found it!!!!

    Was there at 6AM Friday morning with a torch to no avail so I left work early to try under natural light. I'd pretty much ruled out the spot where I removed my gloves so decided to start 12ft away and comb the area.

    Approximately 4/5ft from the point I'd shaken my hands, there is was, the edge of it poking out amongst some dead leaves on the verge.

    There are no words for how relieved I felt.
  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 26,917 Lives Here
    Excellent news, really pleased for you.
  • That's an incredible piece of luck!

    Can you have a look for mine, it's somewhere just off the slipway on Cold Knap beach, Barry. It's been a while mind.
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  • Thats brilliant news..well done
  • rick_chaseyrick_chasey Posts: 70,637 Lives Here
  • Well done. Get some neoprene gloves, they're the best all round in my opinion.
  • Actually made me smile, very pleased for you!
  • Excellent...
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  • Great stuff! So pleased for you. As a side benefit, great kudos with your other half I'd imagine? All that heartfelt anguish and then victory for the hunter! ;)
  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,062
    Indeed good news.... to alleviate the bad news on hands that hurt... are your gloves a fairly tight fit?

    For cold commutes at 4 and below, I know it sounds daft but I went Sports Direct and picked up and paid 5.99 for some insulated skiing type gloves... they have masses of space for my fingers and thumbs... I think it is the space for air to warm up that can keep hands tolerably functional. My so called winter DHBs are close fitting and they are like mobile freezers in similar conditions.
    They are bulky but I can operate the brakes and thats all I need to do as it is running as single speed.
    The latex glove can work as wet shield, but if it makes the gloves tight , then the problem of cold can be as bad.
  • luv2rideluv2ride Posts: 2,367
    Actually made me smile, very pleased for you!
    ^This :D . Also 2nd the suggestion you get some neoprene gloves!
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  • DrLexDrLex Posts: 2,142
    Nice one!
    How about £2 on six numbers tonight?
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