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Pinno's slightly tricky end of year cycling quiz

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Right. Back by popular request. Some cryptic and some concise clues - i'll mark them with a 'C' so you can tell the difference. :D

Anagram to solve by ascertaining the first letter of the answer. All questions are cycling related.

1. Smoking Gypsy woman takes to making bicycles (Fr)?
2. Chiapucci delivered up here on home turf.
3. Surname of Italian, went to Kazakhstan to join team. Despite implication, doesn't hop like a large Marsupial.
4. Don't bother with altitude training, just take this.
5. PAIROOCENURTOPE (anagram) [Didn't miss any letters this year DeVlaeminck, honest]
6. House Swift or Swallow who flew high despite loving pint or two.
7. World road race champions sharing same Christian name but not start of 1.
8. French ascent to elevated photographic device.
9. Saintly person surrounded by beautiful northern Spanish scenery with connection to Wroclaw.
10. Initial term for the more contemporary (now standard) front fork/steering/rotation method. Trade name.
11. Oddly conceived and now defunct team event set here in Dutch city yet to be replaced.
12. Proper noun and second word in 17.
13. First name of very successful Italian means feet and hands were secure or comfortable retrospectively.
14. Dominating Dutch woman with extra 'o' ate titbits.
15. Precocious brotherly pair from landlocked mini state.
16. Rik..., Peter..., Franck (perhaps)... [form of transport]
17. Ageing infamous cobbled road leading to part cobbled climb.
18. Stagiaire?
19. 5 or 6 days of windy mini tour wrongly named starts and ends here.
20. First name of East German who won Perrier with no Pernod added.
seanoconn - gruagach craic!


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