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My commuting bike lasted 4 months....



  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,748
    Yup that AMI is alive and well, still you came for advice and I have given it freely and happily, try and enjoy your bike.
  • CoalTheCatCoalTheCat Posts: 91
    The Rookie wrote:
    Yup that AMI is alive and well, still you came for advice and I have given it freely and happily, try and enjoy your bike.

    I think you need to go and read the whole thread again buddy. I am really not sure what your issue is?
  • andy9964andy9964 Posts: 930
    Just an observation......
    CoalTheCat wrote:
    Can all be backed up with MapMyRide and Strava (which I migrated to at the start of April) with which I have religiously recorded every single mile.

    CoalTheCat wrote:

    I’m not sharing, because I don’t feel the need to and have nothing I feel I need to prove to you.
  • Father JackFather Jack Posts: 3,508
    I used my bike for ever winter since having it- and it still isn't as bad as yours.

    It looks like you cycled through the sea.
    Say... That's a nice bike..
    Trax T700 with Lew Racing Pro VT-1 ;-)
  • Steve-XcTSteve-XcT Posts: 267
    andyrr wrote:
    I think that unfortunately the more visible corrosion on the chain etc would lead anyone to think that the bike just hasn't been that well cared for - chain maintenance is pretty straightforward but it does need to be regular otherwise even just 1 wet outing can result in a nasty, rusty and stiff chain. Not terminal but certainly reduces the life of it if it isn't addressed before its next use.
    That then sets up the shop to claim that other issues are linked to lack of care. The hubs really should last for a few '000 miles unless they are cheap crappy ones or the seal, as already mentioned, has been compromised.
    If you've been over generous with the use of WD-40 or similar and it has got past the seal , or used a pressure washer enthusiastically then that would explain it otherwise the hub should not look like that this early in it's life.

    My commuter bike has almost no care lavished on it and is left out all weathers and occasionally jet washed.
    It's also many years old yet the hubs have never been taken apart and re greased, it's had generous WD 40 from time to time and sat outside in the rain all winter .. despite this the bottom end chain and cassette are fine (Acera). It's not been used all winter because my commute changed to 40 miles each way... and even if I had the wish I don't have the time.

    My entire commuting bike cost less than a single RIM on my other bike..(and considerably less than this so called commuter bike the OP was mis-sold).. so it's my that gets the indoor preference and chain cleaned, hubs rebuilt, headset bearings changed etc.!

    Jumped on it the other weekend, a few rusted bolts.. etc. but the drive chain is fine...
    Last use it had was being completely misused ... On an Autumn ride I lent to a friend for trails ... full of mud that the rain has washed away...

    By comparison the OH had a Bike shaped object - made with a cheap Chinese drive train (assumed as you can't read anything anyway).... The freewheel and chain were trash... as were most components but having got the freewheel off and rebuilt the hubs they actually work! (Not sure WHY I rebuilt them...apart from I was doing my kids hubs but I did)

    Any bike sold as a commuter really should not require a lot of maintenance. My serious bike is washed and dried every ride... but when I was cycling home from work I was never going to wash and dry the bike!
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