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Cyclocross as a winter bike

trickytree1984trickytree1984 Posts: 71
edited December 2015 in Road buying advice
Hi there all,

I'm looking at getting a new winder bike. I use a Bianchi Sempre Pro Ultegra 6800 as my summer bike and i currently use a Specialized Allez upgraded to 105 5800 as my winter bike. I don't like the fact i can't fit proper mudguards to it and the cantilever brakes are shocking in the wet, hence looking for a new winter bike (with disc brakes).

I have in my mind that a cyclocross bike with slicks would be the perfect companion for this. For a bit of background, i ride 100-150 miles per week. Some commuting on the Specialized (15 miles each way) and a couple of club runs, anything from 40-80 miles. I ride the fast group in the club runs to 17-19mph on the Sunday run. Ill need to be able to keep up, but most switch to proper winter bikes as this time of year.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Is it a good idea or will i find it too heavy\slow? I am specifically looking at the 2016 Cube Cross race as it has the brand new 105 hydraulic disc brakes. Its about £1100. Link on Tredz

Other options considered:
    Cannondale CAADX (Mech disc brakes)
    Giant TCX (Mech disc brakes)
    Cube Cross Race
    Kenisis Cross Light (i'd have to do a full build and cant get on C2W scheme


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