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2016 Transition Suppressor

DCR00DCR00 Posts: 2,160
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Afternoon all

The more eagle eyed will note that the below is not a 2015 Spider. Been a slight change of plan...

1st of all the Spider was sold out and little clarity on when any new frames were coming back into stock

2nd of all, i was replacing forks and wheels that had only just been put on Tracey back in Jan, which seemed a bit of a waste of money

Then the Suppressor comes along. Ok its not a smaller travel bike, but its geo is bang up to date. Best of all, its 26" so i dont have to spend another £700 replacing my wheels and forks with the exact same 27.5 versions

And it looks proper sexy


Have to say that Transition have made a genius move in offering the Patrol in 26". The supplier sold out in under a week. I got one of the last large frames.

I'm still collecting parts at the moment. I need a Reverb Stealth and some bits and pieces that should be here this week.

All i've done so far is apply some Invisiframe; a very frustrating experience....

More pics to come




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