Join the Labour Party and save your country!

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What a fantastic idea :)

If this goes viral, for the measly sum of £3 each we can put Jeremy Corbyn in charge of the Labour party, consigning Labour to electoral oblivion for quite some time. Quite a few people need to register to make it work, as it says in the link:
"Could this actually work? That depends on how many Tories sign up. The size of the Labour leadership electorate is projected to be 240,000 or thereabouts, so quite large. Second preferences are redistributed and, assuming Liz Kendal’s eliminated first, followed by Yvette Cooper, I can’t see him getting many of those. To win, therefore, Corbyn would need to get close to 50 per cent of first preferences – quite a tall order, even in a party as bats**t crazy as Labour." :lol:

I'm now a registered supporter of the Labour party :mrgreen: Come on comrades, your country needs you - get registered and tell your friends...
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