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Fargo St. Unicycle Hill Climb - filmed with Aerial Drone!

unigeezerunigeezer Posts: 39
edited February 2015 in Training, fitness and health
Shot 1/29/15 at Fargo Street in Echo park, CA. At a massive, constant 33% grade, this is one of the steepest streets on the planet, and has been the venue for an annual bike climb event since the mid 1970's. On this day I climbed it on a 29" non-geared unicycle, and the footage shot aerially gives a truly unique perspective, especially given the fact that the drone operator had to avoid trees, low hanging power lines, and also keep his drone from running into this mountain of a hill going up!

At 59, (or any age!) this monster WALL of a hill is beyond lung busting! I was in lactic threshold for at least the last 70% of the climb, and felt like me heart could burst through my jersey at any moment! Although this gives a good idea of the steepness, it's still can't do justice to actually being there and experiencing it for yourself! :D

Filmed with a DJl Phantom & gopro 4.


  • me-109me-109 Posts: 1,307
    Having to zigzag on a unicycle! Would a smaller wheel help?
  • Haha, I didn't see a "winkie" but you had to be kidding. If not, what video were you watching, lol? There was no zig-zagging. :roll:

    Btw, the pic of Fargo street below IS zig zagging, and the vast majority do this...on TWO wheels, and even with ultra low gearing:

  • petecopeteco Posts: 176
    You're right, the picture shows serious zig-zagging compared to your approach.
    I loved the shots taken alongside you where you effectively seemed to stop, then toppled forward to keep going.

    Chapeau !

  • daniel_bdaniel_b Posts: 8,643
    Very very impressive :D
    Hope I am half that fit when I am 59.
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