Whats your business trade?



  • andy9964
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    Cylinder head casting at the Nissan plant in sunderland. Oddly, all parts we make are shipped to Renault, Dacia and Mercedes. None are used on the cars assembled here, they come from Japan :?:
  • bg13
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    bg13 wrote:
    i look at dents and holes on aircraft and produce work packages to fix them! And her majesty pays me nicely to do it!

    Retired from that and now run a small Gite business in rural South West France. Definitely loving the lifestyle.
    Loving life in rural SW France

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  • The Rookie
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    Mechanical engineer working for the head of Engineering quality at a major (foreign) OEM.
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  • CitizenLee
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    Senior Document Controller for a major oil & gas service company. I've got zero love for my job or the industry, but it pays the bills.
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  • steve_sordy
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    Retired and free to ride wherever and whenever I like!

    Except my Fu##!ng knee problems reduce the frequency and the steepness. Getting to the stage where I might actually buy an e-bike!