Whats your business trade?



  • David68
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    Richie63 wrote:
    I watch people trying to kill themselves then stop them before they do

    Ditto. At least I try to stop them doing stupid things and hurting themselves - not easy with engineers
  • homers_double
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    Oh god, you're both H&S guys arent you? You do realise that things would get done a lot faster if you stopped poking your unwanted noses in and inventing hazzards that dont exist.
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  • YeehaaMcgee
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    that can't be right. H&S has nothing to do with preventing people doing stupid things. It's all to do with preventing their employer getting sued.
  • pesky_jones
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    Oh god, you're both H&S guys arent you? You do realise that things would get done a lot faster if you stopped poking your unwanted noses in and inventing hazzards that dont exist.

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  • pete_s
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    I'm a Manufacturing Engineer, or all-day tea drinker or problem-fobber-offer, depending on your POV.
  • redddraggon
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    Metallurgist/Welding Engineer. I surf the internet a lot.
    I like bikes...

  • I am a fire systems service engineer, mainly working in power generation site
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  • Oh god, you're both H&S guys arent you? You do realise that things would get done a lot faster if you stopped poking your unwanted noses in and inventing hazzards that dont exist.

    +1 for natural selection
    Not really.

    As an employer I can see both sides of the argument, for example all our guys are trained in working at heights, harness use and inspection, PASMA certified etc. Good for stopping them falling off platforms.

    One of them got a telling off from site H&S for taking off his mandatory gloves to adjust a small buckle on his harness.

    Where is the common sense in that?
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  • Civil Engineer, specialising in ground related matters - ground investigation, foundations, contamination, all that mucky stuff.
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    I'm a Freelance Web Designer / Developer. I'd be happy to work with a Bikeradar member to bring their website to life.
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    POAH wrote:
    I'm a scientist studying the structure and dynamics of DNA binding proteins

    I'm an animator currently working on an animation showing damage to DNA...


    I'm also a web designer, copywriter, art director, portrait painter and a few other things, depending on who's waving money at me on any given day.
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    Meant to be a second line analyst for a large IT company onsite at a large bank. Seems what I really do is 1st line, 2nd line, 3rd line projects and onsite support and all the other teams are on more than me.
  • Daz555
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    Work in IT for a large UK bank - work in a smallish team responsible for "IT strategy and technical direction" whatever that means. Prior to my current role I'd been an IT techie for 15 years or so.
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    Until fairly recently I ran a business unit of a large internationals satellite services company. I've recently started up my own company providing consultancy in the satellite / telecoms industry.
  • joelsim
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    Headphone retailer, started up about 18 months ago as I fancied a change from my background in advertising and design.
  • ilovegrace
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    37 years for local authority/ Housing association , joiner ,supervisor ,Manager and after a restructure back down a little.
    "Never knock them on your way Up , You will meet them on you way back down "
    Never a more true saying.
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    few different job title's, one wage, if you can call it that, chief arse wiper, work's social worker, work's peace keeper, keeper of the key's, chief locker upper, chief whipping boy, need a new job i think
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    Worth learning how to use apotstrophes before applying for a new one.
    GLOYT Posts: 10
    i your right i do, probly why i am where i am, think we could both do with a good spell checker
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    I design buildings and test them acoustically...
  • Herdwick
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    I'm a lorry driver and back yard mechanic/fabricator
    The Rookie wrote:
    I'm a development engineer working for a major automotive company, previous experience includes Rover Group (Upto when BMW came in when I went out!) Cosworth, Ricardo (including working at Ford) and Jag/Land Rover. Just as a clue I also spend a lot of time in India (hence the 'daft' time of this post!)

    I was looking for someone to answer me a question, and finally found the man who can :!:
    why the hell all of the land rover group brands suck so much :?:
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    J L wrote:
    I manage a fire protection company for someone else who has a big car and a big house, where as I don't have either :twisted:

    fail on my part :roll:

    haha, funny revisiting this, I manage a different Fire Protection company for someone who has an even bigger car and house, I still don't.....when will I learn... :roll:
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    I indirectly save people's lives
  • JGTR
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    Dannbodge wrote:
    I indirectly save people's lives

    ........I'm waiting for the punch line...... :|
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    Train Driver.
  • IanWhite
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    Team Leader for Network Rail

  • Tone C
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    IanWhite wrote:
    Team Leader for Network Rail


    I break it, you fix it....

    What area roughly ?
  • living the dream installing air conditioning and plumbing