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Not sure if this has been suggested before but having just read the thread about Fabien's retarded pedal powered moped death trap thing and I also saw the BE WARNED and DO SOMETHING threads last week, I reckon we should have all of the ridiculous/hilarious/unbelievable threads in one place so people who haven't had the joy of reading them can be entertained by some of the complete censored clowns that venture on to this forum sometimes.

Kind of like a highlights reel.

Fabians 'not illegal' deathtrap



Fully Mongs dustcap thread

Le crudders galerie d'art

The Chuck Norris Thread

12 Days of Crudmas 2011

12 days of Crudmas 2010

Oxygen Thief


GT's sh*t bike, sh*t phone, fat mum and Gazlar dad


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