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Crystal P Park rd & other gradients, anyone with a Garmi

Hey!Hey! Posts: 11

I use the Polar and it doesn't record gradients.

On my way back from most of the training rides I do, I either ride up Anerly hill or Crystal Palace Park Road. There is a sign on Anerly Hill that says 10% so I am assuming that this is the dradient of the steepest part (the top bit)?
Does anyone know the gradient on Crystal Palace Park Road?

Does anyone also know the gradient of Hang Grove Hill (around Biggin Hill). This one took me by surprise when I first did it, it felt a lot steeper than it looked and I would like to find out how it compares to Anerly hill.

Thanks - Dee

ps: This is my first time on bikeradar :)


  • Dee do you ride with the Paragon. Hangrove Hill is 18% at it's steepest averages about 10%
  • Hey!Hey! Posts: 11
    Hi "Nakita"

    No I don't ride with the Paragon, though I might as well because I always seem to be riding the same loops as them :)

    Wow, 18%? ok, now it makes sense why I suffer so much staying in the saddle (I am trying to resist the urge to stand up and push on)

    Do you ride around my area too?

    Thanks so much, that's really useful information.
  • yeh i ride with the Paragon, nice bunch of guys, you should join. Fun, loads of groups for your speed etc.
  • Hey!Hey! Posts: 11
    I was going to join Rollapaluza actually...Dunno why Paragon never occured to me.

    Where do you ride when the weather is so awful??
    Not been able to get out on my bike this week because of the snow around Crystal Palace area...and I am getting really agitated...
  • Rollapaluza

    It depends what day you ride on, but i know on saturdays we do the normal route through Kent. The early saturday group do whatever route they feel like doing. Sundays are for sadomasochists so i do not know. The chaingangs are also set routes into Kent. Last week it wasn't too bad and it was expected to be icy, but you can go to turbo and rollers nights
  • Hey!Hey! Posts: 11
    Honnestly? I prefer riding in small groups which is why i haven't been keen on the saturday rides...Sundays seem like my kind of rides ;)

    what are turbo and rollers nights???
  • On Saturday, we all start off in one big group, then we stop at elmers end and break up into little groups. These will get smaller with people dropping off and soft pedalling until the next group comes through.
    Turbo and rollers nights are when you go to this warehouse, and use a turbo trainer or rollers with others in the club
  • Hey!Hey! Posts: 11
    Oh ok! so the rides are in small groups?! I'd like to give a ride with you guys a go, is that possible? what's your average speed (as well as speed on hills) and average ride length?
    My average speed on rides with hills is usually 16mph, my training rides are around 40 odd miles (but am working on improving :P )
  • The fast group usually average 17-18mph on what is quite a hilly route, then intermediate 15-17, 2nd intermediate group 14-16, slow group 12-13 mph

    Ride length is 30 miles but if you go with the fast or 1st intermediate group you may found 10 or 20 miles being added on so always bring extra food.

    There are alot of hills and the pace up these is quite fast, as I who am a 6ft2 70kg rider will tell you. Lots of downhill for recovery, but most of the hills average above 10% and there is a hill which averages 7% for two miles. At the top of every hill we do stop to regroup but it can be abit embarassing being last every time.

    Bring plenty of food, gel, and bannanna and you should be fine. you most probably wont eat it all but just incase we end up doing 50 miles or so

    You can turn up for free and have a go to see if you enjoy it, no need to wear club kit and you won't look like a foreigner as not many people wear it for Winter training rides. Mainly plain jackets and bibtights.
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