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Recommended cycling technique book

skinnygavskinnygav Posts: 50
Hi all,

I am training for triathlon and have various books on the subject. Was just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for cycling specific books. Mainly interested in reading about good technique and how to develop it.




  • mclarentmclarent Posts: 784
    Interesting question - what is good cycling technique?
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  • liversedgeliversedge Posts: 1,002
    Bike handling e.g. cornering, descending, Posture e.g. tt, climbing, out the saddle, pedalling Manouvres; e.g. no hands, bunny hopping etc.

    There are probably more things, I don't know of a good book tho, sorry.
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  • BeaconRuthBeaconRuth Posts: 2,086
    skinnygav wrote:
    Mainly interested in reading about good technique and how to develop it.
    Apologies for not really answering your question, but I'd suggest that the best way to become a skillful cyclist with good technique is to get out and ride with experienced cyclists - you can only learn so much from reading a book. How will a book teach you when to change gear, when to get out of the saddle, how to pedal smoothly? I'd suggest that most skillful cyclists become skillful cyclists by mixing with skillful riders and emulating them, not by reading about it in theory.

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