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Santa Cruz Blur LT Carbon build now almost finished

Dick ScruttockDick Scruttock Posts: 2,533
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Just placed my order for a Santa Cruz Blur LTc frame in black/silver. Si at 18bikes is getting straight onto Jungle and hopefully they should have it by the time i return from Atlanta on Saturday.

Spec at the moment is:

Blur LTc frame in Large,
Push tuned RP23 boost valve shock,
Cane Creek taper headset,
2011 Rock Shox Revelation World Cup with a carbon taper steer and 15mm maxle,
DT Swiss 240's hubs with Stans crest rims built by JRA,
Raceface evolution bars,
Thomson 70mm 0 rise stem,
Rock Shox Reverb seatpost,
X0 direct mount front mech,
Sram X0 2x10 2011 rear mech in red,
Sram XX 2x10 shifters,
Fizik Gobi Carbon railed saddle,
Sram PG1099 cassette (11-36),
Truvativ X0 2011 double chainset (26-39),
Hope ceramic bottom bracket,
Formula The One MY10 front and rear brakes,
Schwalbe Nobby Nic evo tyres front and rear both ran tubeless.

Almost finished now, just want to add a 2x10 drivetrain and its done. Going with a XX and X0 mix.



  • Bloody hell :shock: You move quick, the LT2 can't have bedded in yet :lol: !

    Couldn't resist the carbon eh? :wink:
  • Dick ScruttockDick Scruttock Posts: 2,533
    Loved every moment of the LT2 but the more i rode it the more i regretted not going for a large. I was running the saddle quite far back to get a riding position i wanted and it made the front really light when climbing.

    I test rode a medium and it felt great but then there is test riding and there is using one everyday and it started to feel cramped, this was especially evident when doing a long ride. Rode a large carbon on Saturday and ordered one today. It felt a lot better riding position.
  • Dick ScruttockDick Scruttock Posts: 2,533
    Pics will be flowing from Saturday all been well :lol:

    Hopefully my Formula The Ones will be here soon after, i have finally seen the light that the alternatives to Hope brakes and parts are well worth looking into. The Formula R1's on my Anthem have blown me away and i am growing to want a quieter freewheel as well :oops:
  • I know what you mean about the freewheel... my pro 2 always gives me away when i'm resting where I should be pedalling and the ticks get slower and slower :lol:
  • Dick ScruttockDick Scruttock Posts: 2,533
    First part arrived this morning and its pretty important:
    Great service from Chainreaction, only ordered it yesterday lunch and it arrived this morning.
  • Dick ScruttockDick Scruttock Posts: 2,533
    Here we go:
    Weight of medium black alloy LT2 frame and headset:
    Weight of Large LT Carbon frame and headset:
    Biggest change is meant to be in the rigidity of the frame in comparison to the alloy version.
    So i started building it up:
    Need my new brakes now and then i can fit the shifters and finish the build:
  • v nice looking bike
  • poppitpoppit Posts: 926
    On holiday at the moment and renting a Blur XC Carbon, swapping to a Blur LTc tomorrow, it looks really good and might be better for the trails here.
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  • Dick ScruttockDick Scruttock Posts: 2,533
    Ordered a frame wrap kit for it today to help keep it tip top for as long as i can.

    Also decided what wheels to go for. Chosen a custom set from Justridingalong who have been really great putting up with my emails asking questions and help. Going for DT240 hubs with a 20mm front one, notubes Crest rims, DT supercomp black spokes and red anodized nipples. All this getting rounded off with a pair of Schwalbe Nobby Nic snakeskins :D .
  • Dick ScruttockDick Scruttock Posts: 2,533
    edited July 2010
    Got back from Miami this morning to a few nice parcels:
    So i fitted them on loosely:
    And then i weighed it:
    Now the old wheels, tyres and cassette came in at just under 10lbs so i think as it stands now it would come in at a high 26lbs. Hopefully with my new wheel and tyre package it will weight in at 25lbs which is what the aim is.

    Just need to sort out the match maker clamps for the shifters (i was sent 4 right lever ones and i needed 2 of each) and fit my frame wrap when it gets shipped (16th or so).
  • Dick ScruttockDick Scruttock Posts: 2,533
    Had a email from JRA earlier on, my wheels will be built on Wednesday and i should see them on Friday. Well i would if i was not going to Singapore on Wednesday till Sunday! Still should see everything bar the frame wrap kit here. Cannot wait to get it out on its first ride and compare it to my old LTa.
  • RobownsRobowns Posts: 74
    Are you actually in the country long enough to ride it, is my question.
  • Robowns wrote:
    Are you actually in the country long enough to ride it, is my question.

    If he wants to give me his address i'll pop round and er, "look after" his new ride.
  • Dick ScruttockDick Scruttock Posts: 2,533
    Robowns wrote:
    Are you actually in the country long enough to ride it, is my question.

    Well get home on Sunday and will be home for 4 days so will get some good hours riding in then, then a quick trip to Hyderabad followed by another 3 days off so get plenty time to get the miles in when i am home. :lol::lol:

    I had a update from JRA, wheels were dispatched yesterday and will have arrived at my home today :D . Sure they will be worth the wait, my first ever 100% custom wheel set.
  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    Are you a pilot or sommat? If so, you should take a leaf out of Scott Forbes book, and cut it in half.

    If you spent less time taking photos of components and their packaging you'd probably have had a chance to ride it by now! ;-)
  • Dick ScruttockDick Scruttock Posts: 2,533
    LOL Nope not a Pilot but your close.

    Still need the frame wrap kit so in the meantime i will be adding more miles on the Anthem and the road bike.
  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    Trolley dolly?

    Frame wrap kit? Pourquoi?
  • Dick ScruttockDick Scruttock Posts: 2,533
    njee20 wrote:
    Trolley dolly?

    Frame wrap kit? Pourquoi?

    Might be... Put it this way i had a a additional 15 days of unpaid holiday the other month...
  • Dick ScruttockDick Scruttock Posts: 2,533
    Just Riding Along, DT240, Stans Crest goodness has arrived:
  • *AL**AL* Posts: 1,185
    I'd be interested to hear how the rims ride and what they weigh, I'm seriously considering some JRA/DT240/Crest/Supercomps for my Epic.
  • Dick ScruttockDick Scruttock Posts: 2,533
    Will let you know how i get on with the wheels after i have done a few miles on them.

    Bit of a update, got home this morning so fitted the tyres up to the new wheels and slotted them on the bike.
    Its nice to have a freewheel thats pretty quiet after years on Hope hubs :D . Very impressed with the wheels and hubs.
    O and i threw it on the scales:
    Just needs pedals and a chain adding and its ready to ride. Might treat it to a KMC Gold SL chain :lol:
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    that is without doubt the best looking bike here i would say, nice work, im very jealous!
  • Dick ScruttockDick Scruttock Posts: 2,533

    All built up now, gears setup, pedals and chain fitted and taken for a quick spin up the road.

    Slight issue with the revelations, think i might need 2 new valve cores in them but will post in technical to see.

  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    deffo the best bike on BR and when you consider that mojo hd is prety epic and the guy with the proper gucci cannondales, its pretty top competition!

    im looking forward to the bike of the yr vote in the forum awards in december
  • AndyAndy Posts: 8,207
    I love it. I'd prefer Shimano personally but 10/10 from me! Love it!
  • Dick ScruttockDick Scruttock Posts: 2,533
    Cheers. There is a chance a 3/10 Shimano setup might fall onto it at some point in the near future. Then again it might be a 3/10 X0 setup!

    Anyhow had a first spin on her earlier after fitting the new KMC X9L gold chain, only 4 miles of road but i just wanted to bed things down and make sure everything was working ok and nothing was going to fall off :lol:

    First impressions are Formula The One my10 brakes are 100% better than the hope brakes i used to run, so much more power and feel to them, cannot really comment on the frame itself as road is no proving ground for such a bike, also the DT240 hubs are sooo much more pleasing on the ear than the hope racket i have put up with in the past and have to still tolerate on my giant. The Giant will soon be changing away from hope, made in the UK is not always best.
  • AndyAndy Posts: 8,207
    DT Swiss hubs and Formula brakes are what make that bike so nice. Why people would use anything else is still a mystery!
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    i love a dt swiss hub, they are beautifully put together, i only tried one type of formula brake, they broke so i fell out of favour with them, i really wish i could afford a gucci bike frame like that.
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