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Do I need any tools to set up turbo trainer?

themightywthemightyw Posts: 409
Hi folks

I've just bought my first turbo trainer (arriving tomorrow) and can't wait to set it up. However I don't have a huge array of tools yet (as I haven't been cycling that long). Do I require any specific tools to fit them (it's a tacx)? I assume I can just fairly easily remove the rear wheel and use the new skewer.

Anything else that's essential? I'm getting a BFF, a few DVDs and setting up my sound system up there (it's in the loft!).

I'm assuming that apart from that the turbo trainer should come with everything I need? I'm going to use some old wheels that I have lying around in the garage rather than TT specific ones.

Any tips appreciated - would hate to take delivery of my new bt of kit then not be able to use it until after the NY period, as the bike shops are all shut!




  • sods_lawsods_law Posts: 161
    You might need a screwdriver or allen keys, but thats all. I bought my turbo s/h so it was already built, but it looks simple enough to assemble.
  • Thanks a lot! Wasn't sure whether I would need anything more fancy.
  • nanoxnanox Posts: 15
    My tacx trainer came with an allen key, so yours probably will too...
  • I assume I might need a few bits and bobs if I swap out my current back wheel for an old one that's been kicking around for a while?
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