Do you prefer winter or summer riding?

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Just wondering as too what people prefer, cold muddy messy riding or warm dusty summer riding?
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  • RealMan
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    During summer I prefer winter riding, during winter I prefer summer riding. Its autumn now, so I don't know.
  • Prefer winter riding. The trails are usually empty and you can't beat an early Sunday morning ride when there is fresh frost on the ground. It certainly sorts the men from the boys.
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  • andy46
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    summer time for me, be it an early morning or a nice balmy evening 8)

    winters ok it's just when i get back freezing cold i don't want to clean my bike, but i always do :lol:
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  • winter... I don't boil.
  • Daz555
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    Dry-ish cool days. Season is irrelevant.
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  • Hercule Q
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    frost and not succuming to heat exhaustion winter is a winner plus we all love getting stuck into a good muddy ride

    summer is nice for the dry trails but i sweat like a paedophile at a playground :lol: and there ar too many bugs that like the taste of my blood


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  • winter
    it rains too much during the summer :wink:
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  • Winter for me. I used to think i prefered summer but as its not like the summers of the old days, it's usually just as likely to be dry in the winter. Also i dont have to wash my jersey after every ride in the winter as i dont get as hot.
    Last winter i had some awesome early morning rides in the cotswolds. Nobody around and a blanket of frost covering everything. Rock hard ground so my bike was as clean when i got back home as when i left.
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  • Winter here too. I'm very much a cold weather person, plus the trails tend to be a bit emptier.

    Of course, it's getting harder and harder to differentiate between the seasons now. I'd say any day in the saddle is a good one, so long as the demon headwind is not too bad. Nothing worse than battling up a hill in horizontal rain, only to have to pedal all the way back down the other side because the wind is so strong it's slowing you to a stop on the downhills :evil:
  • I like riding regardless of the weather/season. just gotta make sure you wear the right gear esp in winter....
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  • Winter riding for me,don't really like mega hot weather.
  • stubs
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    As long as its not blowing a gale I dont care I am in the fresh air enjoying the coutryside

    Theres no such thing as the wrong weather for riding but at the moment the weather is perfect cool enough to ride without getting sweaty not so many midges and the trails are mostly dry
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  • voted winter but the heavy mud can be hard work, I like the cold bright frosty mornings best
  • i think cold bright frosty mornings are the holy grail of riding.

    i dont think you can get a better time to ride.

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  • The last few weeks!

    Dry, fast trails, cool and clear. 8)
  • Northwind
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    Both really. I like mid-afternoon sunsets and frozen hard ground, and snow, and being able to ride as hard as I want without having my brain melt. But I'm also quite partial to not falling into mud deeper than my head, and not being soaked all the time
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  • Winter for me, Abergorlech, New Years Day Morning. Frost,ice and a sprinkle of snow :D
  • lesz42
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    RealMan wrote:
    During summer I prefer winter riding, during winter I prefer summer riding. Its autumn now, so I don't know.

    sums me up sort of!!
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  • Anonymous
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    i tend to prefer summer riding but im determined to get out riding this winter, ive just built a hardtail for this very reason.
  • Summer for me.. especially just after a light rainfall.
    Autumn is good, but I mainly do canal towpaths and roadwork in winter
  • either, no such thing as bad weather, just poor preparation.

    Prefer not slogging through mud because i'm lazy, be that 'summer' or 'winter'
  • Neither, I prefer autumn. Trails are less busy and early to mid teens degrees C is perfect.
    no such thing as bad weather...
    I used to think that until faced with a 10 mile commute in blizzard like conditions last winter! There's no amount of prep for that, just grit your teeth and bear it :evil:
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  • Winter, cold frosty mornings, nobody about, bliss 8)
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  • slightly prefer winter because I hate being too hot, but IMO:

    Winter Pros - Less walkers, more mud! wet weather makes some trails more technically challenging, I don't get too hot or run out of water!

    Summer Pros - Less damaging to components, faster dry trails, basking in the sun when you having a rest stop. Longer days.
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  • Winter - cold crisp day's - better than the rainy season which is now our summer!

    Although, Spring and Autumn are great too.
  • Northwind
    Northwind Posts: 14,675
    sellisnba wrote:
    Winter night rides, :D

    Darkness is also available in summer, mind.
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  • edhornby
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    as the scandinavians say 'there is no bad weather, just incorrect clothing'

    I like riding my bike no matter what time of the year
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  • scotto
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    autumn, winter and spring are the best, too hot in the summer ,plus it's not really a summer we have here it's just a month of intense humidity, only the certified insane enjoy it.

    Having said that now I have my p7's am looking forward to summer night rides :-)