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End of season recovery period. How long?

tommy_tommytommy_tommy Posts: 91
I started training using extended intervals around threshold from about July 2008 (2X20, sweet spot etc). I trained for an event in early November and since I only trained for around 7 hours a week on average and recovered OK, I continued with this type of training right through the winter and into this season. I had a good season achieving both my goals, a 10mtt PB and staying finishing in the bunch in 3/4 cat races.

My goals for next season is another 10mtt pb and try to pick up some points in the 3/4 road races.

I was intending to follow the same the schedule as last year but increase the number of brisk session and weekly hours through the winter. The only problem is that for the last few weeks I have been carrying a strange hip/hamstring injury. I am now thinking of finishing up my season now and reverting back to some gentle slow rides until my leg heals. I would then start on my build period for next year in November.

My experience has shown in terms of fitness these slow rides contribute very little towards fitness required to race. However, do they have a place at this time of year? How many of you take a break and for how long.


  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    A month.
  • andy162andy162 Posts: 634
    I'll be backing off gradually in about a month. It's then Sunday club runs or mtb instead. I do very little in December. Jan onwards I'll start to ramp up the training again. Saturday chaingang, club run then a couple of spin classes. March is a Majorca training camp then I'm most of the way back to decent fitness.

    The long/slow rides you mention won't add fitness but are vital in maintaining condition and building base fitness. A coach who I train with maintains that the stronger the base the more you can pile on the top. I see his point... Not on everything tho' , when we're out on a Sunday it's 4/5 steady hours BUT no stopping. No cafe, no coffee and cake...nowt! He reckons this no stopping rule is essential.

  • I've been advised not to touch the bike for 2 weeks at the start of October, then start again in earnest.

    Not even allowed to do cafe runs :cry:
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  • nolfnolf Posts: 1,287
    Definitely agree.
    You need a good long break off the bike completely at the end of the season every year.
    As I'm a university student I have to be back on form by the time term starts to be enthusiastic for the freshers. So I took a month off during the tour de france.

    I did some riding on the local taff trail, short rides with lots of breaks and looooads of food.

    You need to give your body some time off. You should have every fourth week as an easier week as well so your body has time to adapt to the new stresses.
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