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Trek 1.7 C 2009 are they any good?

320DMsport320DMsport Posts: 306
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HI all,

Road bike newbie here.

I'm a MTB chap myself but i'm finding i'm riding my carbon hardtail more and more on the road fro training for events.

So kind of figured i should invest in a road bike to train on and do the odd sportive.

I have trek bikes already and kind of like them but i wasn't wanting to spend a fortune on a road bike really.

After looking around the Trek 1.7C looks quite nice and has 105 on it carbon fork etc.

Firstly is 105 any good?

What weight is the 1.7

And how much benefit or would it feel alot diff from my carbon hartail on slicks weighing in at 23 lb?

Are there any other alternatives?

Thanks in advance.


  • DaveyLDaveyL Posts: 5,167
    I don't know about this bike specifically, but Trek make pretty good bikes in general. I am more of a Specialized fanboy though... In that price bracket you are probably looking at a Specialized Allez as competition - they are great bikes. I dunno, maybe in the 2008 bike sales you could get a carbon fibre Tarmac for around a grand or just under.

    The 105 groupset is really good and the shifting is smooth and solid, provided you have it set up well and maintained well.

    I think you will definitely see a benefit, even though the weight difference might only be a few pounds. 700x23s at 110-120 psi will roll much better than slicks on an MTB. Then again it depends on just how good a carbon fibre frame you've got for your hardtail and how good the fork lockout is (on my Rockshox Recon I reckon it still uses about 20% of full travel locked out on the road).
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  • SBezzaSBezza Posts: 2,173
    I have a 2008 Trek 1.7, and the 105 is a good groupset. I am not sure of the weight, I could weigh it tonight to see, but it is going to be lighter than your hardtail.

    Try and test ride one.
  • Yep, love my 1.7, good value for money
    Is it raining yet?
  • bicebice Posts: 772
    I have 2008 Trek 1.7, 105 and Ultegra. Is that the same with 2009? I am pleased with it, but have yet to do a proper distance. I paid £750. what's a 2009?
  • k-dogk-dog Posts: 1,652
    The 2009 1.7 is a little more expensive (like all 2009's it seems) and has straight 105 rather than the Ultegra rear mech of the 08.

    I have the 08 and it's a great bike.

    I was told that the 54 weighs 18.5lbs which isn't too shabby - a guy in a bike shop told me he had weighed one. I have the 58 so it will be a bit more than that - it feels about 19lbs anyway.

    More importantly IMO is that it's pretty stiff - it doesn't feel like you're wasting much energy.
    I'm left handed, if that matters.
  • Thanks for the input, sounds like it's a good buy!

    My hard tail is treks Black carbon, and the lockout is good but the weight is not as good as 18.5 which it will be a 54 i go for.

    Also the rolling will feel brill! Can only put upto 80 psi in these slicks i hve fitted.

    Yes as stated it's straight 105 and the price has gone upto 900 quid but i'm getting it for 800 quid so can't complain.

    My mate mentioned these Ribble corsa nero is that correct?

    1k with Ultegra on it and carbon, sounds cheap but will the warrenty back up be as good as trek and the geometry?

    Sounds like the 1.7 could be the bike i think?
  • k-dogk-dog Posts: 1,652
    The RIbble does look a good deal - I get it at more like £1100 with Ultegra though.

    You can get it down to £1k with 105 and changing a few other things. Just doesn't seem as good a deal as the Trek IMO and like you I like the brand - I like the way it looks and the spec that is on it.

    Did get a good review though: ... a-08-28023
    I'm left handed, if that matters.
  • k-dogk-dog Posts: 1,652
    I'm also not convinced that a cheap carbon frame will be better than a decent aluminium one - all things being equal carbon is better than aluminium but when the frames are the same price you will be getting a better quality of aluminium frame.
    I'm left handed, if that matters.
  • Yeah been on bike builder and like you got it at 1100 quid, some bits look abit cheap and not as nice a looking bike as the trek.

    Think after doing that i'll stick with th trek, seems a more polished product and better back up.

    My other treks have been great and took some hammer.

    Not sure of the weave thing showing either on the ribble.
  • itboffinitboffin Posts: 20,049
    I bought a trek 1.7 about 6 months ago and haven't looked back since, well apart from a quick glance as I pass by :wink:

    I think the 1.7 would benefit from a wheelset upgrade other than that a good buy.
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  • So far I have done about 1400 miles on my 1.7, longest ride about 70 miles, perfectly comfortable.

    No mechanical problems really, change is slick, brakes bite nicely and it feels solid.

    Might agree about the wheels though, a spoke went a couple of weeks ago (10 miles from home of course..) but I guess thats an upgrade that will happen in due course. I did change the sadle but there was nothing wrong with the one supplied, just sticking to an old favourite. Changed the tyres as well and the white bar tape will be going soon.

    Most of the above are just preferences though, the frame and groupset are what you are paying for and it seems a solid choice to me.
    Is it raining yet?
  • 996JAT996JAT Posts: 94
    I also have a Trek 1.7 great bike done 500 miles or so and yep been reliable.

    However i would say try and move upto the carbon range if you can whether madone or even the focus cayo which everyone raves about. I always look at the bike and think what it i spent a 300-400 more.

    Also a good Trek dealer will let you test ride a 1.7 and a Madone. This was my first bike so never tried to judge the range.

    Dont wanna do it now as i might end up doing something silly and buy the 6.9PRO.

    But on a serious note try a Madone and the Trek 1.7 if you can. The dealer will let you do this for sure.
  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    If the 1.7 is as much as you want to spend DO NOT try the Madone. It will make a large hole in your wallet. I was coming from a 5200 and tested a 5.2. A 65 mile test later the deal was done but I have had no regrets in the last 12 months.
  • 996JAT996JAT Posts: 94
    John is the Madone Range that much better than the ali frame 1 series such as 1.7

    And is the Madone range so much better than say a focus??
  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    I have not riden a 1.7 or a Focus so could not comment. My comparison was with a 2000 model 5200. Both handle similarly but the Madone was more comfortable on poor road surfaces and more responsive to power input. At 16.5lb it was 2lb lighter, About 1lb of this due to the frame/fork. The Ultegra SL group works so well that I would not consider Dura-ace unless I won the lottery. The wheels at just over 1600gm are very good as well. I have just tightened the spokes up after 3000 miles but they did not really need it.
    I would say if you just want a bike to train for mtb events then the 1.7 will do just fine but if you think you would get into more serious road riding and can afford it look at the Madone.
    I got a road bike to train for Trailquests in 1999 and just seemed to get carried away. Now have a Santa Cruz Superlight, Ribble winter bike, 2000 Trek 5200 (not worth selling it) and the Madone. I have just ordered a Specialized Single Cross to use on fixed wheel. It can get adictive.
  • 996JAT996JAT Posts: 94
    I just got this from the Trek wesbite about the Madone Range. Damn the Marketing Men.

    Together, Trek and Lance understood what it would take to become the absolute best.

    On the development of the all-new Madone, Trek's dedication and focus were just that — absolute. It has been the biggest design project Trek has undertaken on any bike, at any time.

    For almost two years, an army of designers, engineers, physicists, chemists, carbon producers, bike shop owners, project managers, average riders — and a few above average riders that go by the names of George, Levi, Popo and Lance — scrutinized every detail of the all-new Madone in relentless pursuit of the ultimate ride.
  • Still pondering on this one, did a road ride with two guys on road bikes and i was on my carbon MTB, 51 miles later it was hard keepeing up, but after 35 miles there pace started to wain a little and i was right with them.

    Reason why i'm buying a road bike is for training and odd sportive as my loyalties lay with MTB racing, so i have spent enough on a full sus and carbon hardtail so i'll stay clear of the Madone, my local LBS are knocking 500 off the 5.2 which was tempting but probably more bike than i need.

    Still thinking of using the hard tail for road training but i'll have to get a proper go on the 1.7 to see if i'm wowed at the experience!
  • Well still haven't purchased a road bike yet, but i've been using a borrowed road bike since November for training and on the Turbo.

    I had a test ride on the said 1.7 and it made the Giant i'm using feel like a shed, i did my first Sportive on Sunday on the Giant and i really enjoyed it!

    So re reading all the posts and what i said about Madones but i can get a late 08 Madone 4.7 discounted so i'm now thinking would the 4.7 be streets ahead over the 1.7?

    I'm tempted to have a go on the 4.7 as my carbon mtb rides so well and is very comfortable.

    If i bought the 4.7 which i'll be buying one of them in the next week would it cope with winter and salt etc, it will be a winter training bike, perched on the turbo and sportive bike all in one, is it to nice for that?

    I always clean my bike after a ride so should keep it nice.

    The Treks fit me really well, and the 54 fits perfect.

    Any views on the 4.7 would be apreciated.
  • dont know about the trek 1.7 but bought the 1.9 last june have ridin 2100 mles and it is a dream. would check the weight u have been quoted my 1.9 comes in at 19lbs. wheels stayed very true until spoke broke last week but then i am 17.5 stone so they have been under pressure. lol. all in all trek very good bike
  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    The 4.7 will not suffer any more than the 1.7 would. Just get the one you like best and look after it.
  • I had the same choice and went for the 4.7 in the end.

    I test rode a 1.7 and it felt a little harsh when compared to the 4.7, the 4.7 seemed to soak up the buzz of the road a little better.

    I'm really pleased with the 4.7 and don't have the nagging doubt in my head that I think I would've done with the 1.7. When I looked at the price of the '09 bikes compared to the sale price of the '08 4.7 it pretty much made my mind up.
  • Hmmmmm, i've put a deposit on a 1.7 now, the lad in the bike shop said the 4.7 didn't have the same ridgid bottom bracket and intergrated seat post that made the 5.2 so great.

    So i thought well in that case the 1.7 will do as a training bike and odd sportive, but this 4.7 is carbon so it will be smoother as said and now its nagging me the 4.7 will be better.

    Maybe i should swap my deposit?????????
  • Slow DowncpSlow Downcp Posts: 3,041
    If you can afford the 4.7 without it causing worry, then go for it. You'll end up thinking "what if" should you go for the 1.7.
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  • Your a nasty lot saying this....heh heh.

    Suppose it is lighter, better spec and i know it will ride better as my carbon Mtb realy irons things out.

    There are lads i train with that say, your a mtb rider, 1.7 you can do miles on it, stick it on the turbo and use it as a winter hack do you need a 4.7, they do have a point as they fly on there old training bikes.

    But i know inside the 4.7 would be quite cool!
  • I got the 1.7 for 765 quid so it is cheap enough, but i can get the 4.7 for 1200!
  • Think i better phone the bike shop in the morning!
  • Slow DowncpSlow Downcp Posts: 3,041
    Buy them both :wink: :twisted:
    Carlsberg don't make cycle clothing, but if they did it would probably still not be as good as Assos
  • Holy censored no, the mrs has agreed to the 4.7 but she did say her ears are bleading listening to me so buy 4 for all she cares!!

    But think i'd be pushing my luck with both heheh.

    Like you said it will nag the back of my mind when on a rough road section and my censored is pinging off bumps i'll be thinking i bet the madone would be better ride!
  • itboffinitboffin Posts: 20,049
    I've got a 1.7 2008 and it's a great bike the only changes i've made are swaping the compact for a double and a new set of Mavic Aksium wheel, I did the HOTA sportive Sunday last and the bike performed like a dream.

    A word to the wise - when changing wheels & tyres don't use any old inner tubes you have lying around, I used a cheap a nasty tube on the front which developed a really noticeable bounce on the fast descents, scary & fun :shock: :lol:

    Enjoy your new bike and the extra cash you've saved yourself, perhaps you could tell the wife it cost £1200 and save the diff for accessories & upgrades. :roll:

    Edit: oh yeh and the saddle which is no longer bright white more a smokers white :lol:

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  • How much were the wheels to upgrade??

    The lad in the shop said they could do with upgrading when they need it and would make a good training bike.

    The old Giant OCR i'm riding feels like a shed compared to the 1.7 but i haven't ridden the 4.7...yet.

    I pressume the 4.7 wheels are better spec than the 1.7 so wouldn't need to spend the money extra upgrading wheels?

    My mrs is pretty cool about buying stuff.
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