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WoundedGoatWoundedGoat Posts: 21
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Looking for like minded riders aroud these areas, 20km + rides. I have been trying to get friends involved but they just dont get the whole going up hills slowly and back down them fast!!

I like to ride 2-3 times a week, a good time is 11am Saturdays, if anyone is interested let me know.

Would also like to discover new parts of the country have been to Afan recently and really enjoyed The Wall so if anyone wants to share the fuel costs im up for that.


  • dirtbiker100dirtbiker100 Posts: 1,997
    What kind of rider would you describe yourself as then? More towards xc racer or all mountain rider? Theres a bunch of us from down cirencester way who ride at birdlip/cranham a fair bit but do enjoy the way down more than the up's really. Thought about joining a club? Theres the bigfoot club from gloucester I think.
  • Hi,

    I'm from Cirencester and ride regually on Leckhampton Hill, never been to cranham. What's it like?

    I ride DH mostly - not a fan of riding uphill!

  • dirtbiker100dirtbiker100 Posts: 1,997
    for DH you're better off staying over at lecky really. theres a couple of runs over at popes wood. flatter than lecky but twisty and a bit more technical. worth checking out for something a bit different.Seen to the left of the A46 as a light blue patch in this link But the scene over there has died down since the landowner got annoyed with people stacking it off some of the big northshore that once existed. theres digging still happening in a different location over there but will be quite a long while till anything decent worth travelling for appears. Theres some more DH stuff over that direction but i need to go and have a proper explore over the summer really.
  • Thanks for the replies guys!

    Im more of an all mountain rider but im still trying to get fit, the pub still has a hold of me!! so I dont mind the up hill but like going down better.

    Im not really into the club thing, I think id prob slow them up to be honest.

    Whats Cranham woods like?? I ride Lecky and Cleeve hill mostly as I live smack bang in the middle of them both.
  • dirtbiker100dirtbiker100 Posts: 1,997
    sounds like you'd enjoy cranham/birdlip then. ... 8&t=h&z=14 shows a nice trail that will help with fitness but has some really enjoyable downs. Lots of tracks around those woods but thats probably the best route i've found. Do you ever go for evening rides? If you fancy meeting up to ride that trail let me know. I don't mind how easy we'd take it so don't worry about fitness. Might be able to drag another friend out too. Where about's do you live then? charlton kings or something?
  • Yeah I live in Charlton Kings. Very well deducted :wink:

    Sounds good dirtbiker100 Not usually an evening rider but would like to meet up and see what Cranham has to offer, how long is the trail?

    Let me know a good time being Married with a 4 year old means im not out partying much in the week so can make it most nights.

    Would be great for a clear night but better not wait for that to happen.
  • BossangelBossangel Posts: 164
    i'd come and join you for an evening. I'm definitely not the fittest but i enjoy my riding. Bit out of the way for i but will be a bit of different scenery
    Why use brakes? Falling off is a much quicker way to stop
  • dirtbiker100dirtbiker100 Posts: 1,997
    We normally spend anything between 1.5 to 5 hours riding around birdlip as there's many different trails to try and easy DH tracks to play on. Best thing would be to find out what amount of time people have, what type of riding and then decide on a route. the link i gave a couple of posts up is probably what we'd do. for the outward journey its about 80% wooded singletrack but often we ride back along the road to chill out a bit. You can ride the same trail back if you want to put in some more work though.
  • BossangelBossangel Posts: 164
    singletrack sounds lush tbh, i'm happy to go with the crowd, i can usually start a ride about 730pm and go on til the sun goes to bed really.
    Why use brakes? Falling off is a much quicker way to stop
  • Just finished watching the Downhill WC shame Peaty didnt get it, Gotta sayive never done a proper downhill track and that one in Italy looked pretty wild!!

    Hey sounds cool to me dirtrider like I said im free most nights and if not i can rearrange stuff really lookinjg forwardto meeting up with people into MTBin bit tired of the lone-ranger vibe.

    And Dirtrider seeing as you know your way around I think its only fair to fit in at your convenience.

    Let me know the only time i def cant make it is 2-3 July as my bike is going tin for its 6 month check.

    Oh and im really up for all kinds of riding but I have a lot to learn :mrgreen:
  • dirtbiker100dirtbiker100 Posts: 1,997
    I don't mind taking people up on different days or whenever suits you lot. preferably on drier days though :)

    so - I'm free any dry night from 4.30pm till you can't see anymore. any length route, any type of riding. Monday or Tuesday aren't looking all that bad at the moment. Taking requests now!
  • Monday or Tuesday is good for me 4:30 sounds fine if others want to turn up later its cool with me to meet them at a time they want

    Id like to know early tomorrow as I wont drink not the best with a hangover!!
  • BossangelBossangel Posts: 164
    1630 hrs is far too early for me as i would still be at work, 1930hrs would be more realistic. If you want to go out that time though i dont mind i can come out another time
    Why use brakes? Falling off is a much quicker way to stop
  • dirtbiker100dirtbiker100 Posts: 1,997
    Tuesday 7.30? weather is looking good. I'll put my bike in the car if anyone wants to ride monday night.
    i think all the way through this week the weather looks nice so theres no rush.
  • Tuesday 7:30 sounds good to me let me know where to meet up
  • BossangelBossangel Posts: 164
    i dont know your area at all, you tell me where and i'll come though, i have a modern device called sat nav lol. Dirtbiker bangs on about the riding up that way being excellent so i want to see it.
    Why use brakes? Falling off is a much quicker way to stop
  • Hey Dirtrider where shall we meet tomorrow night?
  • dirtbiker100dirtbiker100 Posts: 1,997
    Just got back from a ride over there took me 1hr 40 to get round a nice trail so I think we can do it in 2hrs.
    I think to save time if we meet where we're going to park up. Its not that hard to find.
    Turn off the A417 towards Birdlip and follow the road round into Birdlip its self. The road will take a sharp 90 degree right and you'll be in the centre of the village. After that take the first left towards Stroud (B4070) and after 0.4 miles there are some dirt lay-bys on the left where I should be waiting :) If you pass a minor road forking off to the right you've gone too far. I'll be in a silver rover 25 and a red 4x4 jeep hopefully if my friend comes. I'll be there from 7.15.

    simply - turn off the A417 towards birdlip, follow the road and after the sharp right take the first left towards stroud ... =UTF8&z=15
    should show directions from the A417 to the lay-by.

    GL4 8JH is the postcode of a hotel in birdlip to help

    sorry if thats ott on the details but i don't want anyone getting lost! ha ha

    I've sent PM's to Bossangel and Woundedgoat btw
  • lexiekaylexiekay Posts: 379
    I hopefully should be able to hijack this one if thats okay with you guys? :D
  • All welcome see you all tonight :wink:
  • dirtbiker100dirtbiker100 Posts: 1,997
    lexiekay wrote:
    I hopefully should be able to hijack this one if thats okay with you guys? :D
    yeah of course more than welcome. Was wondering if you'd manage to get along.
    I've got one of my friends to join us so should be a nice group. See you all later
  • BossangelBossangel Posts: 164
    aaaaggghhh cant find my skid lid, will keep looking
    Why use brakes? Falling off is a much quicker way to stop
  • BossangelBossangel Posts: 164
    sorry i didnt make it, its 2018rs and my wife still isnt back from work :( no ride for me tonight
    Why use brakes? Falling off is a much quicker way to stop
  • dirtbiker100dirtbiker100 Posts: 1,997
    Sorry you couldn't make it :( i really hate to say it but it was a great ride. Think it was 9.5 miles over 2 hours, not far but we took it steady and it was 80% flowy singletrack i'd say. I think the others had as much fun as me despite the odd fall no names :?. If you ever want to see what the riding is like up this end just let me know. Might be better at a weekend if you can make it as it was getting pretty dark in the woods.
    What did the others think?
  • Yeah really enjoyed it, flew by and must say James was a first class guide, I agree that with it being cloudy 7:30 was a bit late to start so weekend would be better. allthough if its a totally clear night could work

    Like I said james well up for a 4:30 start weekdays and a 10am start on the weekends

    Catch you all again soon I hope, I sleep better tonight :lol:
  • lexiekaylexiekay Posts: 379
    Yeah i really enjoyed it too :D Thanks for showin us around!
    And definitely either a weekend or earlier in the evening would be good for me, as it was kind've late when i got back. And I promise to fall off less next time (or try to anyway) :lol:
  • dirtbiker100dirtbiker100 Posts: 1,997
    cool, glad to hear it! I'm certainly up for doing that again. evenings or weekends. If you fancy a ride just shout!
    Theres more riding around those woods,you could see other trails heading off. i just haven't had a really good explore yet to know what goes where. That was the main route I do as its pretty good fun. Might see if I can get more people out next time too.

    One evening next week might be the next best time for me and/or next weekend? Need to buy a new chain too :?
  • Def up for a bit of an explore up their next week, have to check the BBC weather site :lol: for a clear evening,

    If everybody says what are good days for them and a good time (4:30 is great for me most nights) lets try and get it planned by the end of this week.

    Got to say Im glad I started the thread turned out really well and its nice to meet people who just want to ride there bikes.

    Have fun at Afan on the weekend take it easy on The Wall though!!
  • dirtbiker100dirtbiker100 Posts: 1,997
    Next week tuesday or thursday night depending on weather and which night is best for everyone?
    Probably want to start at about 5pm I think. I've already got a possible list of 4 or 5 and if everyone i'm thinking of can make it, 8 people. We'd be going the same pace as the other night and everyone who will be joining are nice and able to ride in a *non* xc whippet style (so don't worry about skill level or fitness). Probably do the same course i think but slightly adjusted now i know skill levels etc.
    Anyone able to make it?
  • Count me in for either day, Weather is allways a plus for me but ill go with the majority.

    Look forward to it and maybe Bossangel can pull a half day at work :wink:
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