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2008 targets.

whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,595
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Post them all here, and update them as they get completed or more get added.

Personally, mine are pretty simple, but will require a fair bit of work to get from my current position to where I want to be.

1. 23 minute 10 mile TT
2. 150 mile ride.


  • chunkytfgchunkytfg Posts: 358
    whyamihere wrote:
    Post them all here, and update them as they get completed or more get added.

    Personally, mine are pretty simple, but will require a fair bit of work to get from my current position to where I want to be.

    1. 23 minute 10 mile TT
    2. 150 mile ride.

    My Targets are simple and for most of you will be painless in terms of effort but we all have to start somewhere.

    1. 100km ride at whatever pace i can manage. Only managed 50 miles once so far
    2. Shed enough weight to fit in proper cycling clothing!! Over 24st atm
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  • redddraggonredddraggon Posts: 10,862
    1. Successfully building my own bike
    2. Getting out on the bike, hopefully averaging at least 200miles a week during the summer.
    3. Keeping up with the cycling club when I'm back at uni in September.
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  • bahzobbahzob Posts: 2,195
    Event goals:
    1. Tour of Wessex AVS 28kph+
    2. Marmotte sub 7:30
    3. AVS 20mph+ on a single day sportive

    Training goals:
    1. Follow a training plan that leads to exceeding 2007 mean max power across all times.
    2. Increase FTP (60 min power) from 280 to 300W
    3. Sub 1 hour TT on sportive bike (Roubaix at the mo)
    4. Improve descending so that overtake more riders than overtake me.
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  • 1. Sub 3:50 100m TT
    2. Sub 1.50 50m TT
    3. Not to get injured!
  • fidbodfidbod Posts: 317
    1 Train enough to survive my three day cycling holiday in the alps

    2. do 1 sportive each month

    3. do my first time trial

    4. complete the kent cyclosportive in under 4 hrs 30 minutes i.e. take an hour off my time
  • reyserfreyserf Posts: 34
    1. Stop eating rubbish and lose at least half a stone
    2. Get out at the weekends and get some proper miles in.
    3. And get round the 100 mile course of Northern Cyclone in June without suffering to much

  • kmahonykmahony Posts: 380
    Here were my 2007 targets
    1) Ventoux in less that 2h15 (Jul) Fail - 2h40
    2) Joux Plane in less than 1h30 (May) Fail - 1h42
    3) London Tri 40km in less than 1h10 (Aug) Fail - 1h20
    4) 3 Laps of Richmond Park in less than 60mins Fail - 1h06
    5) Drop below 88kg (96kg at the moment) Fail - nowhere near
    6) At least one 100km+ ride each month Fail - probably about 6 over the year
    7) Over 6000km total for the whole year Nearly - 5200km
    8 ) At least one 30kph+ avg on work commute Success - at least twice
    9) At least one 200km+ ride Nearly - over 180km on the day of Lon-Cant
    10) Get a place on 2008 Etape Success

    And here's my targets for 2008 (many the same - will add more later)
    1) Drop below 90kg
    2) Avg at least 3 out of 5 days commuting each week
    3) Col du Colombiere non-stop (May)
    4) At least one 100km+ ride per month
    5) Over 6000km for the year
    6) Complete the White Horse Challenge (Apr)
    7) Complete the Etape (Jul)
    8 ) 3 Laps of Richmond Park in 60mins
    9) Joux Plane in under 1h35
  • Ok here are mine god knows if I will stick to it.

    1) Complete Winter training plan for 8 weeks from today.
    2) Race atleast 3 road races this year
    3) Acheive 26 minutes for a 10m TT
    4) Ride 100 miles
    5) Ride a Sportif
    6) Lose body fat %
  • nolfnolf Posts: 1,287
    Finish 15 road races,
    In process get more than 1 top 5 finish

    Beat 30 mins in a 10 mile TT
    Beat 28 mins in a 10 mile TT
    Beat 25 mins in a 10 mile TT

    Cycle home from Uni in 1 very long day (York to Cardiff)
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  • guineaguinea Posts: 1,177
    My goals:

    #1 Maintain my weight below 13 stones. I have lost 11.5 stones and am going to find it very hard to keep it off.

    #2 Make it up l'Alpe d'Huez before the end of the summer. Hopefully I'll do it on Tuesday 22 July, the day before the TDF gets there, but if it takes another month or two to get to fitness, then so be it.

    #3 Get my Richmond parl TT time below 1ht 10mins. That doesn't sound too hard, but it's a considerable chunk faster than I am at the moment.

    #4 Keep going to the gym. I've recently started going to the gym at work. I'm hoping I can keep the motivation going.

    #5 Get as many miles as I can in a week. 50 miles absolute minimum.

    #6 Complete at least one of the longer events on I'll probably do the London -> Oxford as it leaves from just round the corner here in leafy Ealing.
  • At least a metric century a month (off to reasonable start)
    8000k total for the year (up from 6000)
    Ride club TT to see what I can do over 10 miles
    Break 1 hour 15 for London Triathlon bike leg
    200k audax at least once.

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  • My Goals for 2008

    100km ride a month (close yesterday - 58 miles)

    Get below 75kg (87 at the moment)

    Justify the summer bike i have built

    Under 27 mins for 10 TT
  • mascottmascott Posts: 190
    Heres Mine

    1 join Local Club
    2 build own bike
    3 loose weight...current 17.10....want under 16.0
    4 finally cycle in pyrenees
    5 commute 80% of days
    6 learn better cycle maintenance
    7 have a good year!
  • billybikerbillybiker Posts: 272
    edited January 2008
    I've been out of training for a little over 3 years, apparently I've had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but I'm now feeling a lot better but need to gradually get back into the cycling game. I'd like a bit of help with my 2008 goals as I'm keen to get back up to my previous standard but don't want to do too much too soon. I'm 52, 94Kgs, and so far I've been doing 3 rides a week for the last 3 months. I can no longer keep up with the club boys but would like to do some 10 mile TTs this year.

    My first goal therefore, is to get my weight down to a sensible level, and I've already shed 8.5 Kgs but how do I know when I'm at my correct weight? I'm 6' and used to hover about 90kgs but this is probably a bit too much. I have some of those fancy scales and my %fat is 19%, is this a better guide? Should I aim for say 16% which is about mid way between the quoted 11-22%?

    My best TT times were about 26mins for a 10 and just over the hour for a 25. Given that my best rides out at the moment are at about 15mph, what would a sensible target be??

    I guess the only way to find out will be to try and see but any ideas gratefully accepted!!


  • billybiker wrote:

    My best TT times were about 16mins for a 10 and just over the hour for a 25.

    That's an impressive 10 time Bill...! :wink:
  • :lol: Yes, call me Lance! I'll go back and do some amending!
  • cframecframe Posts: 171
    • Get a road bike
    • Get some longer distances under me (currently just doing a 22mile road loop on my MTB)
    • Survive the Etape Caledonia!
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  • 1. Ride my first TT, and whatever time I do, better it by the end of the season.
    2. Ride as many Road races as I can fit in this season without it leading to divorce.
    3. A top ten finish in a road race by the end of the season.
    4. Enjoy it enough to want to do it all again next season!!
  • 1. Make it to Cat 2
    2. Don't die
  • Jeff JonesJeff Jones Posts: 1,865 Editor
    1. Win a few TTs
    2. Fall off/get sick less than in 2007
    Jeff Jones

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  • I've decided to wait for the end of the season and whatever I achieve will be my goals. I last rode competitively in 05 so 07 is my "build" year, but next year my aim is,

    1. weight down to 85Kgs
    2. do a 10 in less than 25
    3. enjoy my cycling
  • Hi folks.

    Main aim is to defend the 2 titles I won last year. Which depends on a race in May. Dunno what I'm doing after that as I've declined my place at the triathlon age-group world champs this year.

    I need to have a proper think about this and write it all out. I've already missed my first intermediate goal by not setting a pb at the 10k run I did last weekend - but I was only 5 seconds out, so not too bad.

    More later.

    Cheers, Andy
  • dave_1dave_1 Posts: 9,512
    I'd like to go under 4 hours for a marathon...that's enough for me...some will be aiming to break 2hrs. Tergat!
  • 1. Join a club and learn enough about riding in a group so as not to be a loose cannon on...
    2. first sportive, the Fred Whitton in May, which I hope to do in 7 1/2 hours, which should also be good prep for...
    3. ...Mt Ventoux at the end of July, 90 minute target for that.

    Other than that, I hope to do a few 10 TTs to give me something to improve on in future, and generally get more involved in the cycling scene. I'll make a start as soon as this bl**dy weather sorts itself out!
  • John C.John C. Posts: 2,113
    Ride the whole of the Fred Witton

    It may not sound much to some of you but it's a biggy for me, not really interested in the time although sub 10 hours would be good.

    After that

    comute more by bike
    go for a good time on the Rydale Rumble, I'll decide what I think is a good time after The Fred.

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  • Not sure how succesful I shall be in my endevours, but it doesn't hurt to aim high...

    1. Progress up the ranks to b grade (competed in my first race in d grade last week)
    2. Get into the a routine of a regular early morning cycle
    3. Do a 300km ride in a day (current longest 220km)
    4. Increase my commute speed and consistanly keep it higher, (currently about 30km/h on a good day)
    5. No falls
    6. Enjoy!!!

    Good luck everyone, thanks for the inspiration
  • BabbsyBabbsy Posts: 197
    1. Compete in my first 10m TT
    2. Achieve evens for a 10m TT
    3. Finish at least 3 x 200km audax
    4. Finish a 300km audax
    5. Lose at least 5 stone
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  • 1. Complete White Rose and Ryedale Rumble in Gold Standard.

    2. Ride both weekend days.

    3. Atleast one 100miler a week.
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  • Well just a few for me.

    1 Keep training and enter my first 24 hour MTB enduro in May and complete 8 lap which will equate to 80 miles of road, not going to do very well in the positions with that but if i can achieve 8 anything extra will be a bonus.

    2 Enter the Grizedale Challenge this September and place in the top 250, last year i did it with zero training and 18 months off the bike due to a operation, my goal then was to finish and not come last, i cam 488th out of 550 ish staters, so a top 250 finish this year with training under my belt would be cool!

    3 Stay healthy keep biking and look after my family.

    Cheers Lee
  • 1. Join a club!

    2. Complete the Bealach Na Ba.

    3. Have loads and loads of fun on my bike :-)

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