Whats the furthest you've rode?

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And would you do it again? :lol:
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  • Smokin Joe
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    126 miles.

    I'd like to do it again, but I would need to get a bit fitter than I am now.
  • pjh
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    Hi Songwriter ... I'm a relative newbie (4 months in :D)

    I started riding 10 mile loops and gradually ramped it up to 20, 30 and recently 40 miles.

    Main issue for me is that I tend to ride solo so it does get a bit boring after a couple of hours or so.

    If you ride with others you'll go further :)

    It's great to be .....
  • grayo59
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    40 miles. Planning a 50 in January 2008 and a 100km/62m in spring!
    ......heading for the box, but not too soon I hope!
  • grayo59 wrote:
    40 miles. Planning a 50 in January 2008 and a 100km/62m in spring!
    100km thats a good goal. Can I pinch it?
    The scent of these arm-pits is aroma finer than prayer
  • grayo59
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    songwriter wrote:
    grayo59 wrote:
    40 miles. Planning a 50 in January 2008 and a 100km/62m in spring!
    100km thats a good goal. Can I pinch it?

    Why not? I did! :)
    ......heading for the box, but not too soon I hope!
  • ndodd
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    did a 100 mile ride just worked it out 20 years ago :shock: would love to do it again but at the moment 30 miles is as far as i go
  • hambones
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    100km all off-road - nope wouldn't do it again!! So very painful!

    125km on road - yes regularly doing 100km+ now so expect to up that distance over the next month or so.
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  • grayo59 wrote:
    songwriter wrote:
    grayo59 wrote:
    40 miles. Planning a 50 in January 2008 and a 100km/62m in spring!
    100km thats a good goal. Can I pinch it?

    Why not? I did! :)
    D'ywanna have your first race with me and see who does 100km first?
    The scent of these arm-pits is aroma finer than prayer
  • I started riding in August and I rode 71 miles at the start of October and I feel I could have done more. However what with work and especially a new baby I didn't ride much after that.

    I want to ride the British Cyclosportive route (117 miles) this year, but after my 35 miles today, I need to get training!!

    I am however finally getting my road bike later this month through the cycle2work scheme after almost a 3 month wait :shock:

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  • 146 mile - Whitehaven to Newcastle coast to coast on a full sus mountain bike. Three miles in I took a wrong turn and got lost in the pitch black, put an extra 6 miles onto the normal distance. I managed it in 14 hours in the end.

    Just purchased my first road bike, a LOOK 486 and can't wait to get it on the tarmac.

  • willbevan
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    Solo - 40 miles
    Group - 68 miles (last sunday)

    Now I felt fresher after the group ride of 68miles than the 40, but it did include some stops and a lot of drafting as I knew I was the weakest rider.

    Thinking of doing 40-50 solo this weekend, either 40 of a MUCH hillier route, or 50 same router as before just longer
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  • fossyant
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    About 110 miles in 5 hours on a club run......as the group split up near home, a couple of us just crawled back the last few miles. A long way at a high group speed - quick lunch stop at Eureka cafe on the Wirral and back to Manchester.... good day out, loads of laughs, but that was many years ago before a family and kids....get maybe 50 miles in maximum these days - usually a quick 30 miles when not commuting daily.
  • I did 1,223km on the Paris Brest Paris in 2003 - but that included a few stops for snatches of sleep.

    The longest unsupported ride I did was Cherbourg-St Malo-Cherbourg at 420km, with a little 'rest' but no proper shut eye time (we tried to bed down in a church porch but it was too cold)
  • ash68
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    did the northernrockcyclone last year, unfortunatly I lost my seat pack with my only car keys in the first 27 miles.Aftercompleting the 100 mile ride I rode the first 27 miles back to Rothbury to look for it , couldn't find it and had to ride back home. Total 164 miles. I've never been so pleased to get home and put my feet up. Would I do it again,? No I'm more careful with my keys now. There was a happy ending as some kind soul found my seatpack and handed it in to the organizer, Peter Harrison. He kindly reunited them to me the next day via his wife at Stamforham.
  • I've done 62.5 miles at the age of 15 :D

    which i class as pretty good going

    I wanna try and do a 100 miler this summer

    I ride solo cos none of my friends cycle like i do - all into mountain bikes and bmx
  • geoff_ss
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    Longest: 400km in just under 20 hours - actually quite easy in Essex/Suffolk on the CTC Audax in 1990 with good weather.
    Hardest: 300km in 19 hours - the 'wet' Elenith 300km - it poured all the way and the middle 60km is very hilly in mid-Wales
    Most memorable 210km with full camping gear in Spain when we could find neither a hotel not camp site and decided to go for the coast - without realising there was yet another pass to ride over.

    Would I do it again? Like a shot if I could get pain-free. Getting fit enough is just a matter of getting a few miles in as I was never fast anyway. That Elenith 300 was hell at the time, but I have a theory that doing silly things like that is essential. We need memories for the time when that's all we have - and I've done lots of stupid things and got away with it :)

    Luke: Well done on the 100km ride. The 100 miles is just a bit more of the same.

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  • andy610
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    94 miles
  • giant_man
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    65 miles and it was relatively easy with some training beforehand.
  • 112 Miles... I did a 3.8k swim as a warm up and a 26.2 mile run to cool down afterwar :twisted: ds much fun!
  • JWYATT-18
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    i've done 40miles on my Dirt Jumper wack the seat up as high as it can go drink loads eat laods , got back home and wanted to do it again but my mate didnt want to , gona do 60 next week !

    Keep the real ridin up !
  • popette
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    Started cycling around March 07, cycled 110 miles in September 07. I'm doing the Etape THIS year and I've got quite a few century rides planned in between now and July.
  • clanton
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    Road: 199km (123 miles) Etape du Tour 2007

    Off road 108km (67 miles) Trans Scotland stage 4 I think.

    The Etape was far the harder ride!
  • nolf
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    205km in the Brecon Beacons.

    I don't think it's the distance that kills you, i've done incredibly hard 62 milers that have taken me 4 hours, and I've done 80 milers that have been pretty easy and taken me less than 4.5 hours solo.
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  • 300km (187 miles) in just over 9.5 hours during the 2006 Vatternrundan, riding with five Czech blokes.
  • Monty Dog
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    275km in 9 hours - Tour of Flanders Sportive 3 years ago where we did an extra loop round DePanne. Keep meaning to do a 200-miler just for the hell of it - maybe this year - but need to find an interesting and challenging route.
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  • DavidTQ
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    Well Im going to set the "low water mark" on this thread :D I dont think Ive done a distance much over 7 miles in a single journey since I started cycling again early last year. Im a pure utility cyclist though, I still havent taken a single leisure ride since starting commuting. I meant to get out and do a good run over christmas without panniers etc on the bike, but managed to find other stuff to keep me busy instead.

    I do 14 miles a day on work days, thats enough for me :D

    When I was a teenager I think I once cycled around 20 miles for "fun"
  • Jeff Jones
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    290km in about 10hrs. Tour of Flanders in 2006, including riding 20km to my mate's place before the start. I snapped my chain on the Berendries after about 240km but luckily the guy whose house I parked my bike outside of had a chain breaker so I could continue. I did walk up the Koppenberg (too slippery + traffic jam) and the Muur (afraid of breaking the chain again).

    I'd like to have a go at the full Paris-Roubaix this year.
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  • on the road
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    100 miles
  • webbhost
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    biggest so aar is a 50 miler.

    Would love to get a few centuries in, but going to take a little training first lol.