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Blean, near Canterbury

impishedimpished Posts: 1,092
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Hi all,
Anybody ride the singletrack at Blean? :P

Got a feeling I'm missing the best bits there. :roll:


  • Yep I ride Blean woods.

    Some of the best singletrack is found to the left of the track that takes you up to the carpark. Quite twisty and turny. You can head right out to Dunkirk/Boughton. They're pretty big woods!

    I've been riding there since my mid-late teens. I'm now 32.

    Alot of saturday rides start from the carpark.
  • impishedimpished Posts: 1,092
    I did stumble across a little bit of swoopy/between-the-trees singletrack Saturday :P

    Yeah, it's easy to forget just how big that set of woods are :shock:
  • If there's any riding going on at Blean let me know as I am in sunny Canterbury and am generally about on a Sunday.
  • impishedimpished Posts: 1,092
    Hmmm... Sunday @ Blean sounds good to me.... :P
    Now just to rope in someone who knows where all the best trails are :roll:
    This sounds like a job for :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: LOST-TIME :shock:
  • Sorry chaps....this sunday I think I'm riding around the north downs from Aylesford...

    Short notice I know but if any of you are free tomorrow (wednesday) and thursday I'll be riding Blean/Church woods as I'm off work.
  • impishedimpished Posts: 1,092
    Hmmm... cough, cough, splutter, splutter :wink:
    Where do I sign my sick form :twisted:
  • impished wrote:
    Hmmm... cough, cough, splutter, splutter :wink:
    Where do I sign my sick form :twisted:

    That's the spirit....! You know it makes sense.
  • I'll be free on sunday 7th Oct if anyone fancies a tour of the various sections of Blean woods and surrounding areas...


    ....just got back from doing a good loop in Blean W. Totalled about 25K (speedo reads 46K but I rode there and back and detoured around Clowes Woods too) so similar amount done in Bedgebury. There are numerous oppotunities for shorter/longer options so if we ever do this ride then say something...

    The route summary is as follows... Head towards the bmx jumps on ST and basically keeping to the left of the woods. There are loads of ST here and linking them all up is half the challenge....( I do have one particular route to follow though...)
    More ST then on to fireroad nearly down to A2 but right turn just before back on to ST. ST all the way up to Dunkirk...
    Short (1/2K) section on road to Bridle Way on right of road. You can keep on this BW or take a detour into the woods on the left...
    Over the road and up on the BW towards some other woods that have a great swoopy fast DH section. (great on a HT and those on FS should be able to rip it)
    Short road section uphill back into Blean Woods. More options here of following BW back to carpark or to sneak in a bit more ST!

    I may do the ride tomorrow and take the GPS with me so I can overlay it on google earth so you can see it. There is so much more in Blean woods but some of it is best to stay clear of as technically you aren't supposed to ride there as it's a nature reserve...They've even stopped dogs walling on some of the routes...But there is still plenty of fun to have there.
  • impishedimpished Posts: 1,092
    I'll be there Sunday :P
    (if my new roof rack arrives :roll: )

    I'll be the one in a black Fiesta with a black Carrera Fury twisted round the height restricter in Blean car park :wink: :oops: :lol:

    Anyone else? Name a time...
  • Well here is the route....

    I'm unsure how I can post a link to it 'live'...

  • impishedimpished Posts: 1,092
    you can save it as a .KML in Google Earth (not that I've ever done one) and email it to us that are interested 8)
  • Ok, I'll have a look and see if it works by emailing to my other addy first.

  • impishedimpished Posts: 1,092
    Oops, confused myself with dates for a while there :roll:

    Put me in the register for 7th October @ Blean.

    (gonna give your route ^^^^ a go this Sunday too :wink: )
  • I'm interested! If you don't mind emailling me the file
    [email protected]
  • Tried emailing it to myself but for some reason I didn't get it... (flippin' computers)

    Will look into it but don't hold your breath. I'm kinda busy for the next couple of days as my mother is moving hous so I wont get chance to do anything just yet.
  • pittponypittpony Posts: 1,057
    Hi guys,

    I was just thinking about doing some XC at Blean on Sunday so googled it and stumbled across your thread  I’ve never done ‘proper’ XC before so thanks for the route. I’m hoping the weather holds now!

    Are the bits you’re not supposed to go through clearly signed or is it a case of being a bit careful and using some common sense??
  • impishedimpished Posts: 1,092
    There's little wooden signposts with symbols showing bikes are not allowed. But they're only on the beginning/end & main junctions. There are lot's of yellow/blue footpath/bridleway signs, but alot of them are hidden away by the undergrowth. :roll:
    You gotta keep an eye open, :shock: just like anywhere that's not Bikes only.:wink:
  • pittponypittpony Posts: 1,057
    Cheers, will keep my eyes peeled! Can't wait now, with all the bad weather i've been cycling a lot less lately (i know - fair weather man) :oops:
  • impishedimpished Posts: 1,092
    Only problems with blean are:- LOTS of dog walkers & when it rains you get swimming pools NOT puddles!!! :roll:
  • Yep, like anywhere Blean can get some pretty boggy sections. Some of the fire-tracks are worse as its a clay based earth that holds all the water and top mud in place for weeks on end.
    Also it can be very rooty. Along with the autumnal dropping of leaves a few front wheel wipeouts can easily occur on the singletrack. Oh well, winter is fun.....
  • impishedimpished Posts: 1,092
    Looking at the rain tonight, I reckon you should pack your snorkel with your ride kit :wink: :roll:
  • Quick question, having just joined the university in canterbury; whilst there seems to be plenty of xc stuff around (yay!), is there any freeridey/droppy/jumpy stuff around? I'm currently debating whether it's worth keeping my freeride bike or not.

    I'd give my right hand to be ambi-dextrous
  • lost-timelost-time Posts: 549
    dunnnooo wrote:
    Quick question, having just joined the university in canterbury; whilst there seems to be plenty of xc stuff around (yay!), is there any freeridey/droppy/jumpy stuff around? I'm currently debating whether it's worth keeping my freeride bike or not.


    Not really directly in the c'bury area. You'd have to head over to PORC or Bedgebury but I'm very unsure of quantity/quality for your level of riding. There may be some secret spots that only 'those in the know' know about more locally....dunno...

    Perry woods is not quite the same now but I think it still gets a good thrashing and the pub is ok for food and a drink post bash.
  • lost-timelost-time Posts: 549

    I'm going to be doing Blean Woods this sundy (7th oct) come rain or rain(!) so if any of you want to join me then start posting. Like in previous posts here the route is open to lots of variations so distance/speed will be based on how we all feel.

    So, who....?.....What time....?


    PS will be on the Commencal not the Inbred......and I'll ride there so no yellow beetle...
  • impishedimpished Posts: 1,092
    Count me in :lol: 8) :P

    Black fiesta (Peugeot died :roll: ) with mangled roof-rack and black Carrera Fury. Note to self:- must remember the height restriction :wink:

    Any time good for me. Earlier would suit SHE-WHO-MUST-BE-OBEYED best :roll:

    p.s. Lost-time, you building a bit of a drool-worthy list of bikes there :twisted:
  • lost-timelost-time Posts: 549
    impished wrote:
    Count me in :lol: 8) :P

    Any time good for me. Earlier would suit.......

    Yep, I was thinking 8:30-9:00.....
  • impishedimpished Posts: 1,092
    Sunday October 7th @ 08:30 sounds perfect to me.

    Write "IMPISHED" in the register in ink :P

    Might try changing the tyres on the Fury for some more suited to MUD :shock: (should serve as an excuse if I slow you all down :wink: )
  • pittponypittpony Posts: 1,057
    I'd love to join you but i'm heading up to the midlands this weekend to ride at Cannock chase. I'll keep my eyes peeled for next time as it'd be great to see where you guys ride at Blean. Last time i kind of just circled around till i got lost :?
  • pittponypittpony Posts: 1,057
    Thanks for the PM btw impished :)
  • I will try to be there on Sunday morning. I have just moved house so there's still mucho boxes to unpack, but Blean is on my doorstep so it'd be very lazy not to make the effort.

    Either be on the Giant again, but maybe with more appropriate tyres, or poss the carrera.
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