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how do I stop 'bouncing' when I am spinning? What causes this? I guess I need to pedal in circles, but how do I practice this?


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  • domtylerdomtyler Posts: 2,648
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    Concentrate on accelerating, putting pressure through the whole stroke.

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    Porridge not Petrol
  • there was a little bit on this in the carmichael training thing that basically if you're bouncing when you spin choose a slightly bigger gear and concentrate on your pedal stroke through the whole rotation.


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  • I also remember reading somewhere that this is caused by lack of muscle flexibility- the suggested cure was to decrease cadence until it stops and do regular stretching? It certainly worked for me.

  • Lack of flexibilty in the hams and lower back? I do seem to be spinning out when it happens. I have also raised my saddle slightly to try and get a better 'stretch' in my leg... I have also started sitting on a swiss ball when on line at home to get some ab work. I will start some stretchs too and see how that goes...



    Rich (A commuter at last)

    The stupid deserve to suffer...
  • sloxamsloxam Posts: 861
    too low a gear, shift up one to feel light resistance through the whole stroke

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