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speedbumpspeedbump Posts: 416
I've started taking a selection of these along with my daily EPO and steroids.

Seriously though, I read in some cycling mag a few months ago that iron can't be absorbed at the same time as something else, but can't remember what it was. Was it iron and zinc that don't mix? Are there any other things that should be taken at different times of the day?



  • stevejmo7stevejmo7 Posts: 69
    Don't drink tea at the same time as iron tablets as (as far as I recall) the tannic acid in tea reacts to form a complex called iron tannate which is then excreted.
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  • grazergrazer Posts: 131
    the wife is preggers so have been reading up recently. Iron should be avoided when drinking milk. Iron is best taken with vit c to aid absorption
  • ut_o_cyklaut_o_cykla Posts: 58
    From memory (poor at best!) and recent human nutrition course iron zinc and copper levels are interlinked which means if you alter one radically you run the risk of altering the others by 'accident' so to speak - tho' I suspect we're talking big amounts to have a bad effect. I was also told to boost iron uptake with foods containing vitamin C. Dairy products tend to chelate metals generally - but how much is a problem if you're eating a balanced diet I've really no idea (and dairy is usually needed for other reasons eg fat soluble vitamins) Personally I'd take extra vitamins/minerals with a balanced meal. That way all the gut enzyme systems for uptake will already be working to take up a broad range of stuff. Larger amounts of Vitamin C are worth taking as slow release or shared out over several doses per day. And then of course many would argue that if you're eating a 'healthy' diet you don't need supplements, whilst others would argue that mass produced foodstuffs are so depleted of vits/mins now everyone should take supplements. I'll stop there :-)

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  • CajunCajun Posts: 1,048
    More likely, it was not to take Ferrous Sulfate (Iron) with Vit. E.... they seem to neutralize each other :(
  • overmarsovermars Posts: 430
    I was reading something today how cyclists also need calcium.

    In fact... here it is.
    (The report is three years old)

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