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Reverb Stealth Dropper Scratched?

Marko1066Marko1066 Posts: 6
edited October 2017 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi guys,

I hope someone will be able to assist me, I've come out of the shadows again for some help :D

I've recently noticed over the last 4 rides that my reverb dropper is developing some scratches. At present, they aren't particularly deep but they seem to spreading horizontally. I've unscrewed the seal and attempted to clean out any potential grit with a cable tie (so as to prevent further damage). I didn't seem to get anything out. Please see images below:




Am I right in thinking that due to the location of the scratches, whatever is doing the damage is towards the bottom of the whole unit? Would it have anything to do with the fact that my saddle is quite far forward and its regularly slammed down during a ride?

It has never been serviced but apart from the scratches is working perfectly smooth with minimal play. I'd like to try and catch this before it gets any worse , if its not already too late.

The bike was purchased complete with the dropper 13 months ago.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you!


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