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safe bike rack.

ilovegraceilovegrace Posts: 667
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Looking for a little help.
To try to mix and mix training and family commitments , I occasionally ride to where we are going to spend the day (like tomorrow to Scarborough) , However since we have bought another car I have been told I cannot put the bike in the car and will have to buy a rack of some sort.
I have looked at the Saris bone solo and it looks ok for transportation but , what about security given that the car will be parked in a public car park.
Could someone just saw the plastic fitting and of they go ?


  • micrographiamicrographia Posts: 77
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    Basically yes. Saris sell a long locking cable that feeds through the rear towing point on your car, then loops around your frame and the Bones as a more secure option. I add a chain through wheels, frame and Bones to stop wheels going AWOL and still get nervous when the car is out of sight - if someone wants your bike and has tools to hand there is little you can do. ... e-EV189501

    If going for a Bones (and they are excellent) spring for the 3 bike version if you can, it folds up small. One day you'll want to carry a couple of bikes and it's good to have the option. Get some foam blocks to stop handlebars and shifters scratching your paintwork, and velcro straps to immobilise front wheel and fork to frame as well. ... s-00131571
  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,498
    We have either a towball fitting rack or a back of the campervan rack - when leaving the car/van in a public place I try not to do so with the bikes on - but if we do, the bikes are locked up using the normal D-lock and cable - through the carrier - and if it's the towball one - then through a secure point on the car (towing eye usually). Technically someone could still take the bikes - if they could work out how they're locked up - but it'd be a major ballsache for them and easier to just bust the lock or move on somewhere else.

    The sort of thief you're trying to deter will probably be the opportunistic one - as you're not normally parked there with a bike on the back - so it's less likely they'll come with all the right tools, so unless it's quick and easy to take they'll move on. However, having seen a video of someone forcably remove a bike from a locked roof rack and riding off I do think you have to make their life a bit harder... ;)
  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    Who told you the bike can't go in the car ? There's no way I'm leaving a bike on a bike rack (even if it is locked) and then going off on my jolly way. Even if the bike doesn't get nicked I'd be worrying about it all the time.

    Bike hidden in the car. Its the only way.
  • ilovegraceilovegrace Posts: 667
    Thanks for the replies chaps.
    Must admit , still not happy about leaving the bike on the rack.
    I may try a compromise , travelling with the bike on the rack but storing the bike in the car while visiting/shopping etc.
    thanks again
  • cgfw201cgfw201 Posts: 669
    can you keep a wheel in the car and lock frame to rack? no bike thiefs bring spare wheels. (do they?)
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    You can conveniently bring your bicycle anywhere with the help of bike racks. First, you should put a bike on a bike rack. The first thing to do is to open the bike rack. The next step is to hook the areas where the bike trunk actually splits from your car, secure and tighten the straps to put the rack in place. Lash your bike to the rack using additional straps for optimum security. Then, anchor the lower parts of the bike into the rack, mount and lock your bike on the rack, tighten down the frame to secure it.
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