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how do I get the second click to get fully on to the large chain wheel?

bucklbbucklb Posts: 296
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Apologies. I don't know how to phrase this well enought to get it in to a fit state to google :(

I can't get my chain fully on to the large chainwheel (of a double). I can get it on the large chainwheel in the "trimming" position using a single click of the big lever on the "brifter". I can't get it out of the trimming position though as I can't get the second click out of the lever. I'm stuck with the derailleur cage rubbing against the chain. When attempting to get the second click the derailleur is moving out past the chain ring, so I assume the limit screw is OK. I just can't get the derailleur to stay out beyond the chain ring when the lever is released.

I don't know if there's a knack to getting this second click out of the changer (I only encountered this kind of shifter a few weeks back and I've never needed to use the front one in anger) or if there's something not properly set up. I did get a bike fit a week and a half ago where the gears, front and rear, were set up for me so I'd like to think the set up should be ok.

Any suggestions please?

So it goes ...


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