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Cube Stereo 2010 Frame

simonpowellsimonpowell Posts: 8
edited January 2016 in MTB buying advice
Hi all

I have just got back into mountain biking and has been about 12 years since i have done anything properly. i rushed into buying a second hand bike from ebay a few month ago and instantly regretted my choice paid too much and the bike although it works is hard work and heavy.

i have been looking at getting a new frame as most of the component on the disaster buy are ok and i blew my budget on it.

i have found a cube stereo 2010 frame (with rear shock and headset) which is in very good condition and is £440 i was just wondering if anyone had an opinion on whether this was an ok price

any help would be appreciated. oh and the 440 is my max budget actually over it but i am willing to push it to that level


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